The Family, The Friends, Finn, and Dinner. What Could Go Wrong? Part II

I gritted my teeth together before I answered him. “Yes master.” I allowed some of the fake obedience to be replaced by a bitter note.

“Master…” He dragged on as if I wasn’t finished and I gave him a sour look when I knew he wanted me to say his name at the end. His eyebrows raised and I could see the enjoyment he was getting from this. I could also see the wheels turning in his head; thinking of ways to punish me if I didn’t say it. I continued to grind my teeth together as we stared at each other; me glaring at him, and his face pleased and satisfied.

Yeah right. I told him in my head. I knew he heard me because a little bit of surprise came into his eyes, but then that changed into a challenging look as his eyebrows rose again.

Really? He said back to me through my head. There was no pressure or fuzziness around me as there was the first time, but there was a certain feeling I had that I knew he was in my head somehow. Finn looked away first and at something as he added an Hmmm… to his answer. I followed his gaze when he didn’t add anything or look back at me. When I saw what he was looking at I mentally gasped and whispered.

No, I looked at him and he turned to me with an evil smile and a knowing look in his eyes. I swallowed a little of my pride.

Yes Master Finn. I said in my head and he shook his head with a laugh.

“Out loud,” he spoke through his mouth this time. I gritted my teeth as I glared at him. The room had gone seemingly quiet; with a few scattered conversations and the kinds booming voice. When I didn’t answer he just looked back to what had made me swallow my pride some. I followed his gaze slowly with a sad expression.

It was Annabelle.

There was a guard standing next to her, very close to her, and a hand on her shoulder. Annabelle was looking at me with a strained look on her face and I didn’t want her to be hurt; anymore than I wanted to be hurt. I bit my tongue so hard that I began to taste blood and I heard another round of several gasps. I didn’t look at Finn as I answered him.

“Yes…Master Finn.” I answered him pointedly and crudely. He didn’t’ seem to mind that I was putting as much hate in it as I could because he just began to laugh as he pat my head. It was if I was a dog and I just sat there at let him doing this to me. I swear to myself that if it was the last thing I do I would get him back somehow.

“Good girl. Now run along and server the others.” Finn said as he helped me up and handed me the pitcher. I resisted the urge to pour the pitcher over his head, and to help motivate myself I looked back at Annabelle and saw just in time to see her go safely back into the kitchen. I took a deep breath and moved back along to the other tables that were waving to me.

All through out dinner I avoided other waitresses, the hands of people grabbing at me, and the comments from the girls of the groups. I don’t know why they said some of the stuff they said to me. From all the glances I got they were as beautiful as Finn and Jess’s mother. They were all beautiful with different colors of hair and eyes, with the same kind of hairstyles. They were all extremely pretty, and from the comments they made I could tell they were all extremely shallow. The only one that was kind to me was the girl at the Head Table that I didn’t get a good glance at before. She was as pretty as her mother, but there was the edge to her that was from her father.

“Drink,” she said as I got closer to the table. I poured the glass that I had been heading too, and then I went around to her side of the head table. I didn’t look at her at first, but when I took a peek glance at her and saw her smiling at me I couldn’t help but look. It wasn’t a mean or mocking smile, it was a kind and friendly smile. Her hair wasn’t like the other girls I had seen around here. Instead it was cut up short, kind of like a pixie haircut, and choppy neat layers and bangs. There were many different colors to her hair, the main color was black, then second was a beach blonde color, and the last color was a red. The blonde followed the black all around, and stopped at a point at all her layers, while the red was on top of the blonde near the ends and over some of the blond. Her face had her mothers’ features; same round cheeks and smooth chin, same petite figure and Jess’s green eyes, but there was the look about her that said she could be really cruel if she had the need too.

I glanced back down at the drink and stopped pouring and when I went to walk away I heard her giggle a little and say “Thank you.”

“Drink please.” A little voice chimed in from across the room, I could tell it was the little girl sitting next to Jess who had said it, and I crossed over to her and began to pour her drink.

Up close she was even more like her mother, and even more childish. Her pink dress flowed all the way down almost to the floor and it had sparkles everywhere on it. I began to pour her a drink and I could tell she was looking up at me.

“Hello, my name’s Rain.” The little girl chimed to me. I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t know if I was allowed to say anything; so I just made a small smile and nodded my head as I continued to pour her drink. She turned her head away from me in a pout and crossed her arms. Then I saw Jess lean in his chair and whisper to her and she laughed. Rain looked back at me as I was finished pouring.

“You know, it’s called being impolite if you don’t say hello back.” Rain chimed as she giggled a little. I finally looked at her to see her with a big smile on her face, and her little blue eyes just sparkling away. When I glanced back at Jess I could also see him smiling some, and I saw his eyes were dancing with a lot of different mixtures. I kinda pulled my eyebrows together, making a questioning look, and he gave me permission with a nod and another smile. I looked away from Jess and back at Rain who was beginning to loose her smile and the twinkle in her eyes.

I smiled back at her. “Hello little one,” I said not really knowing why I had called her that but I did. When I said hello back she face lit up and her smile came back.

“What’s your name?” Rain asked.

“Mist,” I answered her. Rain smiled but shook her head.

“No, you’re lying.” She corrected me. I shook my head some back at her and smiled.

“No really. My name is Mystic Daniel Carson.” I stated my full name so it would sound more real. Her face lit up again and she gasped some.

“I’ve never met someone with a name like mine. You know, having to deal with water. Mommy says that is because I’m special, but I just think it’s because no one likes to name their kid after some form of water.” She chatted to me. I couldn’t help but smile at her, not making fun of her, but smiling because she was just so little and chatty. She knew things that kids for her age wouldn’t really pay attention to, but did she really know who I was.

“I think—” Rain began, but another voice came to me both mentally and vocally.

“Drink,” Finn said. Rain didn’t finish her sentence as she looked over at Finn with an evil look. I looked at Finn too and saw he was staring directly at me with not so happy glare. I looked back at Rain, but was caught by Jess glare. He was staring directly at Finn to, making the most disgusted face I had ever seen him make. I then stood up slowly as I began to walk over to Finn, he watched me the whole way there and he still had that evil glare on his face. I bent slowly over to grab his drink making sure that I wasn’t going to be dragged into his lap again, but he just watched me with an evil glare. I poured him his drink and as I went to set it down he grabbed my wrist right before I reached the table. I looked back at him and he was glaring at me.

“You are not to talk to anyone other than the other slaves. Do you understand me?” Finn stared at me as he kept his face pinched.

“Master Jess said I could talk to her.” I corrected him, remembering the smile and nod Jess had given me saying I could answer her. For some reason I hadn’t had a terrible problem saying Master Jess out loud as I had with Finn. Maybe it was because Jess hadn’t really given me a reason to really despise him, where as Finn had given me several good reasons to despise him.

            Finn squeezed my wrist harder and it began to hurt. A shooting pain shot up my arm and it began to make my arm throb. I winced in pain, before I looked back at him. “I don’t care what he said.” Finn spat at me. “I’m ordering you not to talk to anyone other than the slaves.” I glared at him as he continued to hurt me. I knew he was doing something to my arm with his hand, but I couldn’t tell what exactly he was doing; all I knew was that I was beginning to loose feeling in my arm. All this crap he was giving me brought back the anger that I had pushed aside before, and I could tell it was going to stay for a while. It made me even more angry how he called everyone who worked here slaves. I knew somewhere deep in my mind that was exactly what we are, but the way he said it made it more true. And the way he said it, like we were nothing more than his pets under his control, made a cord in me snap.

            “No,” I said flatly to him. Finn squeezed tighter and my arm began to sting.

            “What did you say to me?” Finn spat at me. Another cord broke and I glared back at him with the most ferocious look I could.

            I spoke to him through gritted teeth. “Maybe you’re not awake enough to hear me; let me help you wake up.” The pitcher in my hand then swung towards Finn’s head and he let go of my wrist to block it, but that was what I wanted. I then stepped back as I through the drink in his face, along with the rest of the liquid in the pitcher. It had gotten quiet as I did this and I knew everyone was looking at me.

            “Now that you’re awake let me say it again; no.” I said to him as he pushed up and began to wipe away the liquid on his face. I dropped both the glass and pitcher as I turned and began to run towards the kitchen door. I knew I could never really get away from any of them, and I could have cared less. Also I didn’t really know where I was going, but all I knew was that if I stayed here it was not going to be pretty. Of course I wasn’t fast enough as Dylan popped in front of me, and when I went to turn he grabbed my hand and spun it around my back as he held both of my arms behind my back. I began to struggle and the arm that Finn had been holding onto didn’t hurt as much as the other one. I think it was because it had gone completely numb and was still a little numb. Instead of struggling I began to kick and push against him, but it was like fighting a wall.

            Finn then appeared in front of me and I went still, knowing it was completely useless to fight anymore. I looked Finn straight in the face, and kept his gaze, refusing to look away. In the corner of my vision I had seen that both Jess and their father had stood up in their chairs and were watching us; but I wouldn’t look away. I wasn’t afraid of him, and I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of begging for forgiveness.

            He grabbed my face roughly as he turned my head and whispered harshly into my ear. “You’re going to regret that.” The ice in his voice sent a chill through me and I pulled my face away from his grip. He let his hand drop and we were gazing at each other our face only a few inches away from one another’s.  A certain blackness came across his face, and a dark fogginess began to surround him. Even though I was shaking with fear as I realized that it was similar to the vision he had shown me, I wasn’t going to look away.

            “Take her to my room.” Finn grunted the order to Dylan and he began to pull me away. I struggled again and began to scream and kick at Dylan, but it was no use. He was dragging me like a rag doll, and I couldn’t stop him no matter how hard I tried. I looked back at where Finn had been and he wasn’t there anymore, instead there was a black smoke rising from the ground. I caught a glimpse of Jess as he sat back down and his face was both horrified and angry. I was pushed through a door and Dylan led me to my punishment; but I didn’t care or give up. It was going to hurt, I knew that, but I didn’t care. It was going to be long lasting, but I didn’t care. I had gotten it out of my system and now I was going to have to deal with the consequences of it.

The End

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