Day One

              That night I lay mostly awake as Annabelle’s and Finn’s word swirled around in my head. Annabelle explained to me that she would be with me most of the day, but if she had to leave me she would find someone to look out after me. I told her that wasn’t necessary, but when I said that she got a look on her face that said she didn’t want to really leave me alone. I felt like a two year old being watched at preschool; learning how to behave all over again.

            When I was done with my bath she helped me change into a knee length night down that had long sleeves and a few ruffles on it.  It wasn’t something I would normally wear, but then again I wasn’t home anymore. She led me through the maze of tunnels, which were the servants hallways that I had learned were built into the walls. She led me to a door that had the number 73 on it.

            “This is where you and I will be sleeping.” She said as she opened the door, she let me walk in first and I examined over the room. The room was small quaint and the same time. There were many beds in this room. They were set up like a camp or something, with two rows and each row had five beds. There was a night stand next to each bed, and there was one hanging fan light. There was a large window covering most of the far end wall, which had another boxed looking room with a door, and I could only assume it was a bathroom.

            “What’s the number for?” I asked her. She walked over to the fourth bed in the first row and sat down as she answered me.

            “That’s the room number we’re in.” She answered calmly.

            No flipping way! I said in my head. There was no way that there were 73 rooms full of servants here.

            “Annabelle, you can’t expect me to believe that there are 73 rooms that house servants here.” I said as I sat down on the last bed in the same row as her, right next to the window. The sun was just setting as we came into the room, but I could clearly see the moon rising above the forest.

            “Oh, no, there are 150 rooms.”

            “What!?” I almost yelled, but kept my voice level from fear of scarring her, or having someone over hear.

            “That’s a descent number compared to the other one’s I have been in.” Annabelle stated matter of factly. I looked at her gaping open mouthed, not even caring if I was staring.

            “How many have you been in Annabelle?” I asked the words slipping out before I could think about it and her feelings.

            “A few; maybe four or five.” Annabelle said as she got up and pulled back her covers. She pulled a trunk out from underneath her bed as she continued to talk. “I’ve been in one since my mom was brought here; I was seven when that happened. In my first couple of years I tried escaping but as a punishment I was separated from my mother…and punished.” She continued as she changed into her nightgown and out of her servant outfit. She also let her hair out of her up do bun and let it fall to her shoulders before pulling it back into a low loose braid. I was so amazed how she said this so calmly, and without emotion. But she’s known this life ever since she was seven, maybe about ten or eleven years.

            Annabelle grabbed another nightgown out of her trunk and handed it to me. “Here, you can have this one; it’s too small for me now.” Annabelle closed the trunk and set it back under her bed. I didn’t believe it because she was probably smaller than me, but I didn’t say anything to it.

            “Thank you.” I said as I took it and began to change. It didn’t bother me that I was changing in front of her. She wasn’t paying attention anyway; Annabelle had crawled into bed and closed her eyes. I crawled into bed as more girls came into the room. The beds were quickly filled and none of the girls seemed to notice me and they seemed too tiered to notice me; which was fine with me, I wouldn’t be here long hopefully.

            When I finally did get to sleep I didn’t dream, instead it was just blackness and voices. I couldn’t understand the voices but after a while there was once voice that came through the darkness.

            “Mystic…..Mist….wake up.” Something jolted me and I woke up suddenly. Annabelle was standing over me with a hand on my shoulder. She was wearing her servant outfit and her hair was done up again. She leaned up when she saw I was awake and I could see past her that it was dark outside, but not as dark as it was when I went to bed. I sat up slowly and stretched before I swung my legs out of bed.

            “What time is it?” I asked her as I rubbed my eyes. Annabelle went over to her bed and made the bed.

            “Three-thirty five,” Annabelle said as she continued to make her bed. “We’re going to be late if you don’t get dressed.” Annabelle sounded remorse and upset as she finished making her bed and looked at me. “Hurry up and go get changed, you’re outfit is in the bathroom. When you’re done I will help pull your hair back.” I looked at her but she wasn’t paying attention anymore, so I walked over to the small and empty bathroom and looked at the outfit hanging on the shower curtain rod. I gaped at it in disgust and nausea.

            The outfit was very short and had ruffles like my geisha outfit, but it was black and white. The outfit’s under skirt was white with a finish trim on it. The full underbody skirt came up into long sleeves with huge ruffled wrists that covered most of my hands. The wrists had small little black bows on them. The second layer of the dress was a black dress with a corset type of thing going around my waist that let the white show through. The sleeves of this stopped at my shoulders and ruffled upward. There was a lot of ruffles, and trimming with lace. And to top it all of there was a large black bow right were my neck started and a small one on top of it. This outfit was completely ridiculous. How was I supposed to work in it? It was like they had come up with this outfit just so I would look like a little servant girl who was willing to do anything for them. It angered me, but I halted the anger, and forced it to focus on doing my tasks and not talking back.

            I walked out of the bathroom and Annabelle looked up at me from her bed. There was a small laugh and smile on her face, but she stopped it and just patted the bed. “That looks nice,” she said as she began to pull my hair back. I could feel her run a brush through it, and pull it up into a ponytail, but all of my bangs didn’t quiet reach back that far so they just fell in my face. “There, that should be good for now.”

            When she handed me a mirror I almost choke on the image. I did look like a little servant girl who was willing to do anything. I couldn’t believe how I looked.

Who ever thought of this was completely going to die. The first image that popped in my head when I thought that was an image of Finn and his stupid smile. This was going to be a hard day, and it hadn’t even started yet.

The End

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