My responsibilities...

I don’t really know what happened next. I think I might have went unconscious, but Annabelle said I didn’t. She said that I was responding to everyone, and what happened, but I don’t remember anything. I assume I must have really zoned out because I was thinking so hard that I didn’t even see my surroundings. I had been thinking about what I saw in the vision Finn gave me.

            There was Finn and Jess, along with their father, standing in an open field. He showed me himself first; he looked like he did when I first met him, his hair was the same and so was his body structure, if anything he only got stronger. Finns eyes were closed when I saw him, but when they opened they weren’t their normal green color; they were silver. His face held an angry expression and his jaw was tense. All of a sudden Finn burst into flames. It wasn’t the normal flames of a fire, but it surrounded him like one. The flames ranged from a dark silver to black and gave him a certain eeriness. His hands were in fists and his veins were very noticeable in his wrists and arms. Finns mouth opened and there was a loud, piercing, roar followed by it.

            The flames around him soared up into the sky and then his hair began to turn completely black, eliminating all of the red except one thick line in his bangs. His hair grew longer and went all the way to his back in a spiky triangle. As he continued to yell his shirt began to tear and I could see his muscles were getting bigger. Finns nails also grew out at least three inches and were pointed and his teeth grew bigger and pointer, he almost looked like a lion. The flames grew smaller into Finn, as if he was sucking them up like a sponge, but when they completely disappeared he still had all the changes.

            Finn showed me Jess and his father next. The same thing happened to them; they both got more muscle, hair, sharper teeth, and longer nails. The only difference was the colors of the flame and how their hair grew. Jess’s flames were all shades of blues, and their dads were all shades of red. Their father had a certain aura around him when the flames disappeared. It screamed to me danger, blood lust, and power hungry; that was how I knew that their father was a powerful man. Finn held the same type of aura around him, except it wasn’t anywhere near as strong as his fathers. Jess on the other hand didn’t really have an aura about him. There was the anger and danger about him, I could see it in his eyes, but it didn’t scream blood lust. There was a lot of anger in his eyes, but there was a certain amount of sorrow in them. When he stepped up next to his father and Finn through the sorrow disappeared and all that was in his eyes was anger.

            That was when the vision cut off and I became aware of what was happening.

            When I regained the knowledge of my surroundings I was surprised to see I was in a Finn’s bathroom. Annabelle was with me sitting on the counter looking away from me. My body felt like it was being burned, but it felt good to me. I could feel the sting of all the cuts on my arms and legs, but the hot bath helped my muscles relax and not hurt as much. There were also a lot of bubbles in the water that surrounded me, covering the water completely so you couldn’t see me through the water. The only thing that was visible was my shoulders, neck, and head. The bubbles smelt of flowers and vanilla and sent calming feelings through me.

            “Annabelle?” I called her name weakly. My throat hurt too, and I realized it really must have been from my mental screaming. Annabelle looked over at me. “What happened?” I asked her when she didn’t say anything. She then told me that when I had fallen to the ground I didn’t get back up when Finn ordered me to. He had hit me again, but I didn’t even respond to that.

            No wonder my cheeks are still burning. I thought to myself when I felt my cheek softly.

            “You wouldn’t respond when they talked to you, the only thing you would really do is just nod.” Annabelle continued to explain. “Jess carried you back here, and when Finn demanded that he handed you back to him he just came up here to me and gave you to me. He said to put you in the bath and put some healing herbs in with you.” I looked back down at the bath again. “Then he left, and you just sat there. And now you’re talking to me.” I looked back up again at Annabelle.

            “That’s what happened; how long?” I asked her. It had felt like only moments ago I was sitting on the ground near the lake, and now I was in Finn’s bathroom.

            “Maybe an hour, hour and a half.” She said to me. I let my head fall back against the tub as I closed my eyes trying to remember seeing anything, or remembering anything. The only thing I could remember though was the vision Finn had given me.

            “Annabelle?” I said her name. I waited for a moment for her to respond, but she didn’t. I opened my eyes and looked over to where she had been sitting but she wasn’t there, instead Finn was sitting there. I gasped and tried to back away from her, but that’s difficult when you’re in a tub. Finn looked angered but amused at the same time. He was wearing a different outfit from when we were outside. His tee shirt was black and clung to his body, showing his mussels clearly and plainly, and his jeans were dark and had holes in them.

            “Annabelle’s not here.” Finn said as his smile came back to his face.

            “Where—” I started but was cut off.

            “Uh-unh. Don’t you think you’ve done enough talking for one day?” He said to me, and when I didn’t answer him he just smiled again. “Good girl.” He said with a laugh as I turned my head away from him.

            Go away. I told him in my head. He laughed again and when I looked back up at him he had his smile across his face.

            “That was a whisper compared to how loud you were yelling before.” Finn laughed again. It was true, it was very soft and quiet compared to my other mental yells. “Besides,” Finn continued. “You’re not going to be able to communicate that way anymore so I would stop relying on it.” Finn chuckled, but I continued t not look at him.

            “We’re having one of our witches make you something to stop that. We can’t have you yelling anytime you want, now can we?” Finn asked, but I didn’t answer him. He sighed and when I peeked a glance at him he was looking up at the ceiling.

            You’re going to be a hard one to train. I heard a voice enter my head. It was Finn and I didn’t try to push it away this time. Finn laughed and then spoke out loud.

            “So I’m here to talk about your…responsibilities.” He chose his words carefully and when I looked at him he was smiling again. “And the consequences if you don’t finish them.” He began to pace up and down. “You will be responsible for following all of my orders, and getting me what I want and when I want it. In the morning you will help Chef make breakfast, bright and early at four in the morning. For lunch you will be responsible for cleaning, and then dinner you will be responsible for serving. We will be testing you in a lot of different areas to see where you best fit.” Finn laughed again and it made me angry, but I held it back as he continued on.

            “But your main responsibility will be to make sure that Jess and I are happy. If we ask you to get something for us, you will. If we tell you to do something, you will. But I will always be first if both Jess and I ask for something.” I swung my head around and looked at him. “Now, don’t worry, Jess has given me a strict rules with you.” He laughed again and I couldn’t help but give him an evil glare.

            I’ll never do any of this. I told him mentally. I had figured out by now that he could hear my thoughts when I said them directly and I was using that to my advantage.

            Finn laughed. “I thought you might say that.” I looked at him. “Now Jess has said how I am to punish you, but when I spoke to my father he said that I may use any method I choose.” I cowered away when he said that and he laughed as he stood up and came over to me. The look in his eyes scarred me, and the way he was looking through the bubbles made me cover myself. I felt as if the bubbles weren’t there and he could see me completely. When he looked back up at my face he laughed again and nodded. “Yeah, you know I won’t always just slap you, I may be a little rougher. Or I may just hurt you a different way.” He said as he looked over my body again.

            “Go to hell.” I said to him out loud. Finn laughed again but it was an angry laugh. He moved to fast for me to block him. Finn had reached in the bath water and grabbed my arm, yanking me out of the water and completely exposed. The water and bubbles dripped off me and all around me as Finn looked me up and down.

            “Now see, things like that will get you in trouble.” Finn said as I covered my chest with my free arm. He looked over me one last time before he dropped me back into the water. “So you better not give me a reason to punish you, or anger me, because it won’t end up well for you.” I fell back into the water, just as Annabelle came back into the room.

            “Master Finn,” Annabelle said with a bow and a head nod. She never looked him in the eyes; instead she just looked at me. Finn walked past me and towards the door.

            “Make sure she’s ready for tomorrow, I put you in charge of her for the first day. Make sure she knows what she needs to and is where she is supposed to be.” Finn walked out of the room with a huff and I heard a door slam as he walked out of the room.

            So that was it, I was given my jobs and I knew that if I didn’t follow them Finn might try to take advantage of me. And as I looked back over Annabelle I knew that if I didn’t follow them while I was under Finns control she would also be punished, and I didn’t want that. So I would have to follow orders and be a good little girl while I was under his control, but once I was out of his control I would run. I would leave and not look back.

            “So explain to me what my responsibilities are.” I said to Annabelle as she came back over to me and wiped the floor up where the water had splashed out of the tub. Annabelle looked back up at me with a surprised look on her face, but then she smiled at me when she realized that I was serious. I knew she would be happy to help me, as long as I didn’t do anything stupid.

The End

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