I ran away from him, never once letting my mind stop screaming; even though it was really me who just wanted to scream out loud. My lungs felt like they were on fire, and every time I took a breath it was like I was making the fire grow by blowing on it. But I had to keep focused and I had to hide the best I could. I was running past a big tree when I noticed a rather large opening in it. It looked like it had been struck by lighting and had a huge hole in the middle of it. I ran towards it and slipped on the inside of it. I fit just right inside of it, the top of the crack reached far above my head and my body was completely in gulfed by the hole. I sat with my back against one of the sides as I looked around and took a deep breath. I kept breathing and when I didn’t really hear anything I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the tree.

It was hard to keep screaming in my head and focus on getting enough breath inside my lungs at the same time. I felt my knees buckle but I used the tree for support because I knew that if I fell again or if I sat down I wouldn’t be able to get back up. I opened my eyes and looked around the forest to find something to use as a weapon, or maybe a way to a safer area. If I was caught inside this tree it would not be good for me unless I was able to escape with my screaming again, and that was getting hard.

Even though I could feel the screaming drain me both physically and mentally, I started to yell louder just hoping that it would keep him a safe distance away. I looked around again and saw that there was a small opening with a bright light. I thought that maybe there was a meadow or a field; something that would get me out of the forest and somewhere where Finn couldn’t hide behind things.

I closed my eyes again, saying to myself that I would only rest a few more moments before I kept running. My thoughts were still screaming, and it almost made my throat sore, as if I had actually been yelling this whole time. There was a low chuckle and my eyes flew open.

“Hiding won’t help you anymore, neither will screaming telepathically.” I knew at once it was the guy who brought me here. There was a faint scratching on the bark of the tree and I thought it was just some bugs, but when I looked around I saw the guy sitting inside the tree looking down at me. Well he wasn’t sitting; he was actually hanging upside down.

I didn’t allow myself to fully look at him; instead I darted from the inside of the tree and ran towards the opening I saw. I pushed past bushes and tree limbs as I ran full throttle towards the opening, and I could feel myself begin to bleed as I was hit in the arm and face by a thorny branch, and as I felt the blood seep down I heard a howling screech from behind me. But I didn’t care, instead I just kept running, hoping for some peace of safe haven as I burst through the last bush and came to my opening. I stopped for a moment to see where I had ended up.

It was a large lake, with a meadow next to it. The lake was a deep blue and the meadow had a shimmering glow around it. I would have taken the time to look around more, except I heard someone behind me. I ran along the lakes edge towards the meadow, watching where I was going and what I was doing. I was still yelling mentally, but I could tell it was dimming with each passing yell.

No! I heard the old voice yell, but it was also a loud yell that I could hear echoing off in the distance. I looked back just in time to see the man flying at me, knowing it was too late to do anything.

My eyes closed as I was hit right in the shoulders and the guy wrapped his hands and arms on my shoulders. Even though it was a weird angle he hit me at I could feel he didn’t doubt his hit, he knew exactly the way I would fall because as I tumbled backwards, flying towards the ground, he flung himself around and took the blow to the back; but his grip held firm. Then we were tumbling, once, twice, three times we rolled, and each time hit a new spot on my back, causing me a new tender spot each time. He landed with me pinned between the ground and him. He had my arms pinned at my sides with his legs while my shoulders were pinned to the ground by his hands. I began to try and kick my way free, but that didn’t help, or do anything to really affect him. I finally gave up as I looked up at him. I gasped when I saw the look in his eyes.

He was looking at me with a longing hunger in his eyes, almost like the way a predator looked at its prey right before they attacked. His eyes even had that animal look in them; their glistening red glaze reflected the light. His eyes were a bloody black red, and they were not fixed on me, but on my cheek where I had been hit with the tree branch. His nostrils flared as he continued to look at me, and I saw his mouth twist as he looked me over. My pulse was beating so hard and I knew he could feel it because he looked down at my chest where my heart was.

Get off me! I yelled in my head, it was a weak yell, but it was as strong as the first time that I had made Finn flinch. The man looked at me and then laughed, but then he looked right back at my cheek hungrily, he looked at all of me with those hungry eyes, and I felt sick to my stomach.

“You don’t understand do you?” He said as he let his head fall closer to me, his voice almost a whisper but just as strong as if he were talking. “You’re telepathy doesn’t affect me. Yes, I said that right; you’re using telepathy.” He said as he looked at my eyes and I knew there was a questioning look in them. He leaned down closer to my cheek and I tried to turn my head but I couldn’t. He leaned down to my cheek and I felt his cold nose touch my cheek. His nose touched the spot where I had been bleeding and it stung, but felt cool; he took a deep breath in through his nose, but let it out with his mouth. “This is the only thing that affects me…” he whispered to me.

What? No, it can’t be…he…no. I heard my voice say. But when I felt his tongue touch my cheek and lick the blood. It stung and burned deeply, but what really hurt was what had happened; my thoughts were confirmed. He was a vampire. I knew these weren’t normal humans, but I didn’t think it would go as far as them being vampires. That would explain why they had all been so strong, why I had blacked out so much, and why he continued to lick my blood away. Realization was painful, why I hadn’t I seen this coming sooner?

“Drop her right now Richard.” Jess said from over top of us. I could see him from the corner of my eye. I hadn’t realized but my cheek completely stung and burned like I was on fire, but with a numbness that was freezing cold. I also hadn’t realized that my head was turned and my neck was completely exposed, and I think Richard was getting ready to bite me. He was suddenly lifted off of me and Jess knelt down beside me. He grabbed my chin with his hand and turned my head both ways.

“This isn’t your game your highness.” I head Richard say with a certain edginess in his voice, but he held respect in it.

“But you weren’t supposed to bite her, just track her and wear her down.” I flinched when I heard Finn’s voice. “Now, back off Jess. She’s mine until she’s ready.” The way Finn said mine sent a chill through me. Jess didn’t move, but instead just looked back at Finn.

            “She’s mine, you’re just training her. Don’t forget that.” Jess said with a low hiss then he stood up. I rose to my hands and knees slowly too but I couldn’t stand up all the way. I only looked up when I saw Finn take Jess’s place and I saw his boots. I didn’t look up all the way before my hair was yanked up and I was forced to look at him. When he let go of my hair I didn’t move my head instead I just kept glaring at him. Then there was a hand connecting to my face as I was slapped across the face. I fell back down onto the ground, panting as the other side of my cheek began to match the burning on my other cheek. Finn knelt down and grabbed my hair again and brought my ear to his mouth.

            “You know what we are? All those nightmares about monsters and beasts are real.” He whispered with a hiss. “What are we?” He asked me. I knew but I couldn’t make my mouth form the word, until he squeezed my face and forced me to look at him

            “Vampires,” I whispered softly. Finns glare got angrier and he shook his head.

            “I wouldn’t be caught dead as one of them. We’re better, superior to them. We’re the demons of this world, and you just got caught in hell.” He sneered in my ear before throwing my head down into the ground and he stood up. The heaviness came back surrounding me, and it was hard to breath already under the circumstances. This time though I didn’t have the resistance to fight any of it off, so there was no resistance when I felt the presences enter my brain. It was an image, a scene playing out in my head. I gasped as my vision blurred and I saw the image laid out before me.

            It’s true… my voice said as the scene ended. They were demons, and powerful ones to. The realization hurt that I knew he was 100 honest when he said I had ended up right in hell, because nothing could be worst than what I was in for.

The End

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