The Little Voices In My Head Are Telling Me What to Do...This Might Actually Work!


I ran right past Finn, only glancing at him to see his grin. The way he said first punishment just made something inside me snap and put me into motion. I had no idea where I was going, or how long it would take for Finn to catch me, but I didn’t care.

Just keep running, just run; over this, through that, under this. That was what my mind was saying as I ran deeper into the woods. The woods got thicker and the foliage began to grow wilder. Some trees were fallen and I had to jump over some, and duck under others. I was amazed at how my feet kept pushing me forward and faster as I continued to run. I was never the running type, I never really like it and I always stopped after a minute or so. But even when my muscles began to ache and my lungs burned my feet kept moving, and forcing me forward. I pushed past bushes and tree limbs, not even paying attention to the stinging on my arms and face when I got whipped with the branches.

“Ready or not, here I come.” I heard Finns voice say out loud. He sounded close to me, but I knew that he wasn’t because I heard it over my head, almost as if he were shouting. I pushed myself harder, making myself run faster. My feet felt like they were barley touching the ground, and I felt like I was zooming past things; everything was a blur, just one giant green and brown mush. Unfortunately with my blurred vision I didn’t see the lifted tree root and I tripped over it. I fell to the ground, landing far from the root because of how fast I was going. It felt like on those movies where you see the person trip and they fly through the air and land with a roll; only I didn’t roll. So I fell flat on my stomach, using my hands to stop myself from doing a face plant. The ground was rough and had a lot of rocks, which tore at my skin and ripped my home made bandage of my hand, making the ground rub against my burn mark. I laid my head against my arms as the pain began to seep into my brain. My hands stung, my arms hurt, and my legs felt like goop.

I heard a laugh, and suddenly my arms and legs worked fine, spinning around to look at where the laugh had come from. I knew it was Finn’s laugh but I couldn’t find him anywhere. There was another laugh and it sent something through me that made me jump up begin to run again. I started at a slow pace so I could look behind me, but when I couldn’t find Finn I turned back around. I stopped abruptly when I saw him standing in front of me. Finn looked exactly as he did when I left him, arms crossed feet apart and that smile. My breathing was quick, and I could feel sweat running down my cheek, but he didn’t even look like he had run anywhere, like he had been standing there all along.

Finn laughed. “Are you confused? Good, you should be.” He didn’t move when I turned and began to run again. I heard his laugh carry though above me and around me.

Don’t listen to him, just keep running. A voice said in my head. I wasn’t planning on stopping, but I listened to the voice inside me.

Turn left. My voice said now. I turned left suddenly like I knew exactly like where I was going and who I was avoiding, because as soon as I turned I saw Finn in my peripheral vision. He was standing where I had been running too, but I didn’t look long enough to see his expression, instead I kept running. I continued running and running.

Turn right. My voice said now. I almost had a natural instinct of where I was going and when I need to turn because I did. I turned right as I saw Finn come into my view again, this time I looked at his face. He looked confused and upset; maybe it was because he kept missing me. I couldn’t help but grin as I ran. He couldn’t keep up with me; maybe i would have a chance to escape. Finn wasn’t as hard core as he seemed to be, he just acted like it so I would be afraid of him, which never worked.

Don’t think about him, keep going. My voice said again. That was when I realized that this wasn’t my voice talking. It wasn’t my mind speaking to me. I stopped running and looked around to see if I could see anyone. No one was here, and I couldn’t hear any noise other than the life of the forest. It wasn’t like the propping I had in my head before. It wasn’t hard to concentrate on what I was doing or no throbbing inside my head. There also wasn’t that heaviness in the air, there was no mop trying to push against me or make me suffocate. The air was peaceful and the only thing that the air seemed like was something for my lungs to breathe in and keep me going.

Who are you? I asked the question in my head, thinking the question directly.

You don’t need to worry about that little one, all you need to know is that I’m a friend. The voice said in my head. This voice was smooth and serene, almost like a wise old man, or father. The voice didn’t scare me, and I wasn’t intimidated by it. I heard something behind me and I spun to see who it was. I looked on the ground and there was no one there, but when I heard a twig snap above my head I looked up to see Finn sitting on a tree branch. There was a laugh in his eyes, but there also was a hint of an evil glare to it. I went to run again but suddenly Finn was right on top of me. He had my chin in one hand, and my arm roughly in the other. He was looking into my eyes as if he was searching for something; there was no hunger, no determination, just a searching gaze looking me directly in the eyes.

Don’t look him in the eyes. The voice told me. I looked quickly away as I felt that propping in my head and the heaviness came back. It went away just as quick as I looked away, but then it returned.  I didn’t like it and I remember how I fought it last time. I pushed the propping and touching away from me, when it only faltered I pushed harder.

Stop it. I yelled in my head, trying to control the touching from entering my brain like last time. When I felt it stir away a little, and when it came back I shouted in my head louder.

STOP IT! I yelled in my head, this time there wasn’t just a mental jump back, but I felt Finn flinch back as I yelled in my head. Something inside me — not my mental voice or the other one but a natural instinct— told me to shout louder.

Let go of me!! I shouted in my head as I looked up at Finn to see if it affected him. His eyes were closed and he looked as if he was in somewhat of pain. His eyes were closed, but his grip was still firm.

 LET GO!! I shouted again as I pulled away slightly; his eyes squinted tighter and his grip faltered some. I was hurting him, I have no idea how but I was.

LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!!!! LET GO OF ME!!!! NOW!!!!!!! I screamed in my head now as I began to struggle. He finally did let me go; but he didn’t just let go, he pushed me away from him as he covered his ears. I didn’t hesitate as I began to run again, this time I kept shouting mental “leave me alones” and “stay away”; but also in the back of my mind I just kept thinking

This might actually work

The End

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