The First Punishment

I was wearing a pair of jeans, a tank top –that fit far too snugly for my liking—, and a pair of running shoes. Not to mention a pair of handcuffs that the guards put on as soon as I was getting ready to go out the door. And of course I was being held and followed by two guards, Annabelle was following them-upon Finn’s request-, and surprisingly Jess was following behind us. But it was better than Annabelle’s outfit. It was a green color with long sleeves. The wrists of the sleeves fastened around her wrists with a button, and the dress clung to her body snuggly; like my shirt. The dress went down to her knees and had a lacy apron going down to her thighs, with a small patch above it that belonged to the apron. Her neck didn’t v down like some of the outfits I had seen, instead it fastened at her neck and chest met, where the hollow part it. She didn’t seem to mind wearing the outfit, and when I asked her if I had to wear one she simply said she didn’t know and left the room for me to change.   I didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen, and I certainly didn’t know why Jess was following us, but I felt somewhat comfortable with him there.

As soon as I was outside I was surprised to see the sun was setting, and it was almost completely dark because the sun was behind a forest of trees. I looked around to see if I could get a bearing of where I was, but I couldn’t tell. I looked behind us to see the building we had just come out of and was in complete awe. I believe it was the back of the building, but even so, it was completely lovely. It stood with a noble and proud, spiritual being to it. It was made of big, dark earthy coal colored stones; some were all different shapes and sizes. I would barley describe it as a castle, but it defiantly was a large, no, huge house. The tallest window was up maybe five or six stories, and I knew that the house went far below the ground as well; and just recalling the stone cold of the dungeon sent a shiver down my spine. The windows varied in all different sizes and they were all black, and each different one that I looked at had its own elaborate design around the framing. I had come through a small wooden door and I had entered into a sort of garden.

When I pulled my gaze away from the house I was entranced into the garden. It looked like I was on the outskirts of the garden but it was still very beautiful. I didn’t know what types of flowers they were, but they were gorgeous. I did recognize some flowers; roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, but the most beautiful one of all was one I couldn’t recognize. I had never even seen it before. It didn’t look like it belonged with the other flowers, it looked more fragile and was separated from the rest of the flowers, but even that didn’t help. I could see that they were struggling to grow, even with the help of gardeners, and separation. I drifted my gaze onto something else when it came into my view. I looked up to see that we were coming towards a tall gate, with a large brick wall attached to it. The gate opened and a few yards beyond I could see a figure, it was Finn, and beyond him started the edge of the forest. I was reluctantly led over to him and he was watching me with that grin on his face.

I was getting really tired with that grin always on his face. It was grin between a dirty menacing smile and a person who just accepted a challenge. The way he looked at me also made me feel like a challenge. Finn looked at me with a hungry challenge always in his eye; he always got that look when I was around, except when he was angry. It angered me when he got that look, and I think that was what drove his hunger for a challenge. Because I didn’t like it here, I didn’t like people touching me, or ordering me around, or telling me how to act; well at least these people telling me what to do. I think Finn knew that too, that’s why he found me a challenge.

“Just give me the benefit of the doubt here Jess,” Finn said looking behind me. The smile still remained on his face when he addressed him and I looked behind me to see Jess give his brother a cautious glare and questioning look. He looked back at me and the corner of his mouth pulled up into a smile. “I don’t think she full understands her situation her.” That was the truth, I really didn’t know exactly what I was doing here, or exactly who I was dealing with; all I knew was that I didn’t like it.

“And I’m just here to make sure that….my property doesn’t get damaged in the process.” I gave him a side evil glare when he said property, and he even seemed to struggle over the word property.

Property…wait damaged?  I thought in my head. What does that mean? I disliked the way this was sounding, even more when Finn looked at the guards.

“You can release her, and then you may go.” I felt the hand cuffs come off as soon as he said it. And I brought my forward and rubbed my wrists. Even though they weren’t on that long, they were on tight enough to cut into my skin and leave red marks. I could also hear the shuffling of feet as the guards walked away and when I couldn’t hear them I looked back to see that Annabelle was still here along with Jess. I looked back at Finn and he had his arms crossed and he was standing with his feet apart and leaning back some. He kept tilting his head side to side and looking at me, as if he was studying me, observing me. I could comprehend what he was doing, but there was something distracting me. There was a little voice inside my head that was questioning me.

Why aren’t you running?! Run you idiot! Don’t just stand there. The voice inside my head was shouting. But there was a problem with that; I didn’t know where I was. Even if I did mange to get away I didn’t know what was beyond, laying in wait in the forest. Finn tilted his head to one side and gave me a questioning look, with a glare. He always seemed to have an edge or evilness about him.

“Yes, why don’t you run?” He asked me. I inhaled a take of breath, but I didn’t know if he was talking to himself or to me. So instead I just stood there and kept eye contact with him. There was just more than the fact that I didn’t know where I was keeping me from running, there was the fact that there was something different about these people; especially the guards and the one who had kidnapped me.

I felt something different in the air that was surrounding me. It felt heavy and thick; it felt like a mop of people surrounding me. Like I was in the middle of a mop and they were all pushing against me, like trying to get to me. It also felt like something was touching me, but not physically, it was mentally. I could feel something propping in my mind making it crowded and hard to concentrate. I could feel that it was looking for something, trying to locate something in me but it was difficult for it. Something was blocking it from full entering and when I felt it try to push harder something pushed even harder back. The battle was playing inside my head and it began to make my head throb. I decided enough was enough and I shook my head from side to side. I felt my mind push back the propping something with such a force that it made my head spin. When there was no longer throbbing I pushed my hands in a wide circle, trying to stop the mob from crushing and suffocating me. It worked, the mop was no longer there and there was no longer something heavy in the hair.

“Hmm… interesting.” I heard Finn say. I looked at him and he no longer had the smile on his face, but that left quickly and he laughed. “Okay, go along now, start running.” He said with a step aside and a wave of his head towards the forest. Finn said it with an annoyed patience and when I stood my ground he just looked at me.

Run idiot! My own mind screamed. But I didn’t, my body was listening to my other half of the brain that was saying to stay and see what was going to happen if you did.

“Why?” I heard myself ask.

Finn laughed. “I’m telling you that you can run away and you’re asking why?” He laughed again and shook his head. “You sure are a strange little slave aren’t you?”

“I’m not—” I began to yell but stopped. He just looked and me and sighed.

“Look, I want you to run. I’m goanna give you a head start to get as far from this place as you can; but like that would make a difference.” Finn said with a laugh. “You’re not going to get too far before I catch up with you, but I want you to see who you’re dealing with here.” Finn smiled at me and then nodded towards the woods again. When I didn’t move he sighed. “Think of this as your first punishment.”

And then I ran.



Hey guys, okay sorry if this chapter seems a little long and weird. I was having some very illogical writers block, or maybe it wasn't and I'm just being weird with this chapter. Sorry if you don't understand some things; it was kinda hard to write for some reason. Have you ever had that image in your head and you know exactly how you want things to go and then you go to write it and you can't get the words to mix right with the image in you head. That sounds strange but that's what was going on with me, and if you don't understand then you are probably thinking I'm insane. Lol, so anyways sorry about the chapter.

The End

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