What?Who?Where am I?

                When I woke up I was incredibly cold and sore. My eyes flashed open when my brain registered what had happened. I jumped up and looked around for Jeremy or the guy who had knocked me out; but no one was around. With my head turning and turning I gathered that I was literally in a stone dungeon. I was in a box of medal bars, the floor was cement blocks with a lot of dirt on it, and the room surrounding the cell was made of cobble stones. I took  a deep breath and closed my eyes to relax my self, and I was sort of praying that this was all a dream and I would wake up; but when I opened my eyes I was still in the cell. The breath must have calmed me down because I was able to look at the medal that was holding me in. There was a door with a handle and a hole for a lock, but there was no lock on it. Um…works for me! Was what my mind said when I quickly went to the door and stuck my hand in between the bars to the handle to open it. Something zapped me and a harsh jolt went through my arm to my elbow. I yelped and pulled my hand back in the cell. I looked down at my hand and there was a burn mark on it where I had grabbed the handle.

            “I wouldn’t try that again.” A voice said from behind me. I spun around to see the guy who had hurt Jeremy, and must have taken me to this place. He was sitting there watching me with a smile on his face. Something in me snapped, maybe it was just that fact that he obviously taken me here, hurt Jeremy, and was now giving me orders. I gave him the most evil glare I could before I held up my good hand and flipped him off. He laughed a little and rolled his eyes. “Ow, that hurt, please stop.” He said sarcastically.

            “Humph.” I said stubbornly as I reached for the handle again. It zapped me again, but this time it went through my whole arm. I pulled back again quickly and as I examined my burned, shaking, hand; tears began to form in my eyes.

            “Told you,” he said more as a triumph and a sarcastic remark for me not believing him. I grew angry again and realized that I did not want to cry in front of him.

            “Screw you.” I said to him with out looking at him. I sat down on the ground looking away from him and staring at the door. They obviously must be electrically charging it from somewhere. I examined the room more closely to try and find the source, because maybe if I could throw something at it I would be able to escape. My hand was burning, and still shaking a little. I looked down at my hand and examined the damage. There were two large red marks that had a lot of little tiny blisters on them from the zap. My arm still felt numb, almost as if I hit a nerve or my funny bone, but I was beginning to get feeling back in it. I looked at the fabric on my dress and decided it would be better if I didn’t get the burn dirty. I took an end in my mouth and ripped the fabric. It almost broke my heart in two, since I had sewn the whole dress by myself, and now I was ripping it. When I set the silk on my burn it stung harshly and I sucked in a breath before I began to wrap it loosely around my hand.

            “Hey, I told you not to.” The guy said from behind me. I spun around and looked at him with an evil look. His smile had grown bigger and he was still leaning against the wall.

            “Who are you?” I spat at him.

            “Me? It won’t matter, you won’t see me again after….well you will see that later.” He said with a laugh. What would I see later? And after what and what was I seeing? He laughed and he distracted my thoughts with more information. “Unless you get sent to death, then I might get to see your pretty face again.” I felt the blood drain from my face and my breathing became quick and ragged. Did he just say death? Oh god, I’m going to die. I turned my face away from him again when I felt tears come to my eyes and this time I knew they wouldn’t stop as a few slipped over my lids.

            “Go away.” I told him bitterly with a shaky voice. He laughed again and I heard his steps echo back to me as he walked away. I heard him mumble one last thing before I heard a door slam.

            “She may be dead quicker than the last one.” When the door slammed I broke down crying. The tears wouldn’t stop, and my breath came to me in quivering sops. There was no way out of here, my burned hand proved that there was no way to get through the bars, and even if I did I don’t think I would be able to even get out of the building, let alone this room. There was no hope, I was done for, and it hurt to say so. I knew I was giving up, but there was nothing for me to do. I was no longer in control, and it scared me.


            I sat on the floor with my knees to my chest and my cheek resting on them, sopping away for only God knows how long. And I remained that way when I heard a door open and footsteps come in. I heard the footsteps stop at my cell and when I didn’t look up there was a loud bang on the metal. I jumped but I did not look up. Suddenly I was thrown to my feet and I was being pulled up by my hair. I tried to pull away, and when I was finally standing on my own my hair was released, but my chin was grabbed roughly and yanked towards a man. This was not the same guy who had taken me here. He was a lot more built than the other one, and his eyes were more of a darker red than the red of the other man, and his hair was black too.

            “You will stand when a superior enters the room.” He said to me in my face. I looked at him and stared at him.

            “What the—” I began but was cut off by a slap across the face. It wasn’t hard enough to send me down to the ground, but it stung and my skin became instantly hot.

            “You do not speak, unless you are told to do so. Do you understand?” The man spat in my face. I slowly nodded my head and I heard a cut laugh.

            “Good, now let’s go.” I was pushed forward through the cell door and when I stopped because I didn’t know where to go I was pushed forward again. “Keep walking.” He ordered. I almost turned and shouted at him there was no where to go because there was a wall in front of me, but I bit my tongue and just settled with a sideways evil glare. I was pushed forward again and this time I almost hit the wall. To stop myself from hitting the wall I put my hands out in front of me, but instead of hitting something solid they went through the wall. I gasped and brought my hands back to me. The wall felt like liquid and it was cold, when I reached out to touch it again my hand slipped into the wall. I sat there for a moment before I slowly walked forward, and with another push from the man I was thrown through the wall. I was quickly through the wall and in a similar room as the one before. This room was lighter with more torches, and this one had windows in it. This one also had medal bars but instead of a box it connected from one end of the wall to another. I ended up on a side with a lot of other girls that looked to be around my age. They quickly looked at me before they let their head look back down at the ground.

            Some of these girls had a few bruises and cuts that had dry blood on them. But others were completely dirty and had huge whelps and bruises on them, and their clothes were torn and ripped. I could see they had been crying because there were lines running down their faces where the tears had been. I was pushed into the middle of the line and when I was pushed in the line the girls scooted over without looking up. I went to get a better look at them, but someone grabbed my hair from the back and pushed my head down.

            “Keep your head down.” The guy who brought me here ordered. I did as he said, but I looked at the girls with my eyes, only really seeing their profiles. But they all had the same look on their faces; sorrow and fear. A door opened in front of us and a lot of people came in. There was two people I didn’t recognize at first, and then there was the guy who had kidnapped me, and then there was a boy who looked my age.

He was tall; maybe 5’8” or 5’9”, with a shapely good looking body with milky beige color to it. His hair was thick, dirty blonde, that fell over his ears and down his neck till about an inch above his shoulders, with bangs that fell over his eyes that made it look like he had a constant wind blowing on him. His eyes were what caught my attention though, they were a deep forest of green with hints of grass green in them, and they locked onto me at once  and his gaze made me feel wired.

When he stepped aside another boy came in who looked to be maybe 18 or 19. He was taller than the last boy, maybe by an inch, but that made a lot of difference. He also had a stronger, less slim, build than the first boy and darker too. His hair was a lot darker, a shade of black with specks and streaks of a shade of burnt orange highlights; he had his bangs longer and parted over his left eye, they were straight and at different lengths, but the back of his hair was cut short except for that it was spiked up near the top of his head. His eyes were the same as the first boys, but they held a more of coldness to them and a darkness that made me look away when he looked at me. I could tell that these two were brothers, they had the same strong chin and high bone cheeks; but the older one had harshness added to all of his features, and it gave me the creeps. One more person came in and he held himself high and I could tell just by the way he walked that he was very powerful here. He looked like a much older, and much meaner version of the older brother, the only difference was his hair was just plainly spiked in the front with his short bangs, and there was streaks of grey in it from old age.

I felt my head lift as I continued to look at them, and I knew it wasn’t a good thing to do. But when they suddenly started staring at all of us and began talking among themselves I could tell what this was. It was a line up of girls, and I think they were choosing which one of us they wanted.

The End

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