Going home...or not.

               I spent most the night dancing and talking with everyone I knew. I even danced with Kyle and Cole, and they never did like to dance. I got a lot of complements on my outfit, and I accepted them kindly even though I didn’t really like all of this attention. I’m good with small amounts of attention, and I felt comfortable with my classmates, but they just kept saying over and over again how much they love it. There must have been a 5 to 1 ration on how many times it was said by one person. So I was grateful but sad when it came time I had to leave in order to get home by my one o’clock curfew.

            “Are you sure you have to leave? I’m sure if you called your parents and asked to stay they would let you, it’s Halloween, and it only comes once a year.” I smiled at Lindsay and her sad attempt to keep me here, but the truth was I just wanted to go home.

            “No, its okay, I really should be getting home.” Jeremy was waiting for me at the door because he had offered to walk me home. When I refused he gave me the deal of walking me all the way to his house, and then I would walk by myself from there. I smiled at his offer and took it because I really couldn’t bear to dampen his mood.

            “Well you could stay the night if they didn’t want you home later.” Lindsay tried again as I pulled my cell phone out and dialed the number. I shook my head and smiled at her as I listened to the ringing. My mom answered the phone after a few rings.

            “Hello?” She answered sleepily.

            “Hi mom, it’s me. I’m getting ready to leave Lindsay’s.”

            “Okay sweetie, thanks for calling me. Just be careful on your walk and I’ll see you when you get home.”

            “Okay mom, love you.”

            “Love you too sweetie, bye.” I hung up my phone and hugged Lindsay goodbye. Kyle and Cole had already left so she was the only one I had to make a formal goodbye too.

            “I’ll call you tomorrow, okay? Then you can call me when you’re done cleaning this up.” I said to her with a laugh, because I knew I would be over here early morning to help her clean this up.

            “Okay, text me when you get home.” She added as I turned around and began walking down the stairs to a waiting Jeremy.

            “Okay, night.” I called back up to her.

            “Night,” she called back and then went back inside. I caught up to Jeremy and we began to walk back in silence. The moon was still shining brightly and the starts were numerous in the sky. I looked up at them as we continued to walk, and I saw in the corner of my eye that Jeremy looked at me then up at them too.

            “They’re really shining tonight, huh?” He asked me.

            “Mhmm,” I answered him. I looked at him and he looked somewhat upset. “You know Jeremy; you didn’t have to walk with me if you wanted to stay at the party.” He looked at me surprised and shook his head.

            “No, I want to.” He answered, and then he looked down at the ground a little sheepishly. “Besides, I only went to the party because I knew you were going to be there.” I looked away too. I hated it when he did this to me. He knew I didn’t like him, and yet he kept trying anyway.

            “Jeremy—” I began to give him the speech, but he cut me off before I could.

            “You look good in that dress.” He stopped walking and I stopped with him too, he was looking at me with confusion on his face again.

            “I know, you told me that three times already.” He shook his head before I even finished.

            “I didn’t say anything…” he looked around then back at me.

            “What?” I asked him.

            “I said you looked good in that dress.”  It was Jeremy’s voice, but I could clearly see that his mouth wasn’t moving.

            I shook my head because he was really starting to scare me.

            “Come on, stop joking Jeremy, this isn’t funny.” He shook his head too.

            “I’m not doing anything.” He took my arm and began to walk faster and looked around as we did. He was pulling me along but I was begging to stumble and I pulled my arm free and stopped to take my shoes off so I could walk faster. The thing was that I completely trusted him, and knew he wouldn’t try to scare me on purpose, and I didn’t know what was going on. I began to take off my other one when I heard him again.

            “You’re going the wrong way.” He said. I looked up and him and he must have see the question in my eyes because he held up his hands and looked at me.

            “It’s not me Mist, I promise.” He seemed as scared as I felt, but I could see he was trying to hide it when he took my arm again and we began to walk, but a figure that walked in our path stopped us both.

            “I said you were going the wrong way, yet you continue to go that way anyway.” The figure said. His voice was low like Jeremy’s but I could hear the difference and when it spoke again I could tell he was trying to sound like Jeremy. “And you didn’t even say thanks for the complement.” Jeremy took a step forward and let go of my arm. He was looking at the figure but his face was turned towards me.

            “Run, go back to the party.” He whispered to me, almost to soft for me to hear it. I nodded and turned around. I didn’t even get a step away before another figure steeped out from the darkness. I could see from the shadow of the street light behind him that he was shaking his head no.

            “Jeremy,” I whispered to him when I backed up into his back. I could feel his head turn and I felt the muscles in his back tense when he sat up even straighter. I slowly moved my hand to my purse and pulled out my phone.

            “I wouldn’t do that, there’s no point.” Said the one facing Jeremy. I turned and saw he was looking past Jeremy and at me. Suddenly I didn’t feel so good. I looked down at my outfit and felt even worse. I felt a wind blow and I looked up and saw that the figure wasn’t in front of me anymore. Then I felt another breeze and my cell phone flew out of my hand. I looked down and then back up and the person that was in front of me was back and holding my cell phone. He took the two ends and broke my phone in half. Crap I thought to myself. I knew I was in danger, but somewhere in the back of my mind I also thought Damn, mom and dad are gonna kill me. But that was to far back for me even to worry about it. I felt Jeremy touch my hand and I took it because I needed some reassurance of my own. He squeezed my hand as he spoke.

            “Who are you?” He asked. “What do you want with us?” I could feel his body was still tense and I squeezed his hand back when I heard the person laugh.

            “Who we are doesn’t really concern you.” He laughed again. “And it’s not “us” we want, it’s her.” I felt my heart stop and my muscles stopped working. Jeremy squeezed my hand when mine stopped squeezing his.

            “Me?” I whispered. What could they possibly gain from me that they couldn’t get from someone else? The person in front of me went back into the darkness and I turned around to keep my eye on the other one, not the wisest choice probably, but my mind wasn’t really working at that moment.

            He laughed again. This wasn’t a friendly laugh but more of a chuckle.  “Yes you Mystic.” The man said. I could slowly feel the blood drain from my face and the cold breeze that blew on my face made me that much colder. I shivered from both fear and cold.

            Just at that same moment Jeremy began running, towing me along with him. I didn’t think anymore, I just ran with Jeremy as fast as I could to keep up with him. I knew he could run so much faster than me, but I also knew he didn’t want to leave me, so he ran at my pace. I kept hearing that chuckle everywhere, both sides of the street we were running on. I kept swinging my head around to see if I could see the man, but I couldn’t.  I knew where we were headed and picked up my pace. We were heading back to Lindsay’s house and I could see her lit up house.

            Suddenly Jeremy fell, making me trip over him. I flipped forward and landed on my back a few feet away from him, the momentum from running carrying me that far. I couldn’t get a breath and I turned over painfully onto my stomach to look at Jeremy. I was able to cough the breath back into me. All I saw was a pair of feet standing and they weren’t Jeremy’s tennis shoes. I looked sat up when I saw them dangling in the air. The man was holding Jeremy off the ground by his neck and Jeremy was struggling with the hand around his throat. I could slowly see his face turn red, and then white with a light shade of blue on it. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I stood up and ran at the guy holding Jeremy. Right before I reached the man, the guy was a blur and then I was being held with an arm behind my back. Jeremy was on his stomach coughing on the ground, while a strong hand was holding my wrist behind my back.

            There was a laugh behind me and a breath on my neck as I yelled for him. “Jeremy!” I yelled at him. He got on his hands and knees still coughing and one hand to his throat. The hand on my arm tightened and it made me wince.

            “I told you, we only want you.” The guy said with a laugh, he licked my neck and it sent chills through my body. “Hmmm,” he sighed when he stopped licking my neck. This angered me a lot; there was no way I was going to give up without a fight now. I began kicking and using my other hang to hit backwards. The arm twisted my arm more, but even though my muscles began to burn with pain I kept fighting. I was suddenly flung around and was facing the man. He was very pale, and hand blonde slick back hair. His face features were strong and his face looked angry. But what really stopped me were his eyes; they were bright red, almost like blood. It only stopped me for a moment before I began to struggle again, and this time I slapped him across the face. I got a hit in, but then when I went back to slap him a second time he roughly grabbed my hand. I stopped again just as a low, menacing growl came to my head. The man’s mouth was twisted into an evil snarl and I realized that the growl was coming from him.

            “I wouldn’t struggle if I were you, it will only hurt more.” I began to but suddenly I was in an iron cage, and I couldn’t move anymore. The man bent down to my neck and there was a sharp pain, before blackness took me under and I felt myself drop to the cold hard concrete. The last thing I saw was red and blue lights off in the distance, and Jeremy lying on the ground.

The End

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