A Demon, Plus A Prince...And I'm His What?!?!

This is a story about a girl named Mystic. She lived in the small town of Jerome, Arizona until she was kidnapped by someone. Now in a new town and new lifestyle she is challanged with many things she doesn't understand. Will she crack under pressure? Or can she make it and live to tell the tale? ~P.S I couldnt really tell you the Story Summary becuase it would kind of give away the story, I don't know if it's just cause I'm a bad writer or there is really no way to tell it. So I did the best I

               It was a wonderful October night. The sky was completely clear, allowing the stars and moon to light up the small town of Jerome, Arizona. It was a little bit cold for the costume I was wearing to the Halloween party my friend Lindsay was throwing. This party was huge, epically for a small town of only about 400 people, so I didn’t want to ruin my outfit with a jacket so I would just have to suck it up.

            I decided to go as a geisha but with a twist. The outfit had long sleeves that dropped down to almost my waist if I raised my arm. It was a black silky material with baby blue trim. The neck v-ed down and the waist fit snuggly against my waist, and a floral pattern around it. The twist with it though was that it didn’t go all the way down to my feet like a normal geisha dress would. It stopped about half way down my thigh- like a short skirt- and had my own personal added ruffles that I had added to it to make it look more girly. Halloween is the only time I can really dress up without my parents going completely crazy. I am usually limited to shorts and a tee shirt, but I am not complaining; I’m not really the girly type. My brown hair curly hair frames my face and helps me to hide my face sometimes when I get shy. I have blue eyes and copy after my mom with my petite figure. I didn’t want my parents to see my outfit so I just yelled out to them as I ran for the door.

            “Love you guys, I’ll call later.” I yelled when I reached the door.

            “Mist—” I heard my mom call out, but the slam of the door cut out the rest. I waited until I got to the corner of my street to stop running, because believe it or not it really hard to run in heels. I was almost to Lindsay’s house when my phone began to vibrate. I pulled it out of my purse and looked at the number. It was one I didn’t recognize but I answered it anyway.

            “Hello?” I asked. There was a moment’s pause before someone answered.

            “You look nice in a dress.” The comment took me by surprise. But the voice sounded like someone I had heard before.

            “Jeremy? Is this you?” Jeremy was a boy at school who had a crush on me. Everyone knew it, and so did I, but I didn’t like him like that. I looked around to see if I could see him but there was no one. I could see Lindsay’s house now and I laughed. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

            “But you’re going the wrong way.” He said. I laughed and looked at Lindsay’s house again. I could clearly see her house on top of the hill. It was brightly lit up and I could hear the base of music playing. Her house had a bunch of lights hanging from it, and not to mention a lot of carved pumpkins –ones that of course I helped her carve the day before- that were lit up.

            “What are you talking about? Look I’m almost to her drive; I’ll be at the party in a minute.” I hung the phone up because I knew he was just messing with me. I got to the drive way and started up the long staircase to her front door. When I got close enough I could hear the people laughing and the song “Till Death Do Us Party” by her favorite band Wednesday 13. I laughed when I reached the open door and saw people dancing. I was greeted by many hellos and smiles. I was making my way through the crowd when someone came up behind me and grabbed my hand. I spun around and they kept spinning me and I didn’t object when I realized it was Cole.

            “Oh you look stunning.” I laughed at Cole and he spun me again until I faced him. I smiled when I saw his outfit. He was wearing a platinum blonde wig with a lot of makeup and dangling hoop earrings. He was wearing a green long sleeved jacket with fur on it, with a blue sparkle top underneath it, and blue jeans accessorized with a big belt. I knew immediately that he was playing Barbie. Yes, Cole is gay, but I love him anyways. Cole made the Barbie outfit look really good on him, and with the blue eyes he had it made it even more believable. Like me Cole has blue eyes and brown hair, along with a lot more people in this town. Cole is very tall and lean, and the funny thing about him is he does have that feminine look about him when he’s just himself.

            “Thank you, and so do you.” I said to him with a smile. He dropped my hand and put his to his face.

            “Oh girl, please, you look better. Oh Ken, Ken can you come here?” Cole said as he looked over to a couch. I knew when she said Ken that he was referring to his boyfriend Kyle. You would think that in a small town like this everyone would have a problem with them being gay, but actually they were pretty cool about it; epically our grade. Everyone knew them as KC, which is the name I gave them when they first started dating in middle school.  Kyle came over looking exactly like Ken, and it didn’t take much for him to look like Ken. Kyle has blonde hair and the same shade of blue eyes as Cole. Ken also has that beach boy look about him since he moved here from California. He said that he couldn’t be happier because he met Cole, which I’m happy for them and everything, but I would totally miss California.

            “Wow Mist. You look great.” I laughed again as I looked over Kyle’s jean jacket and swim trunks with a matching tee shirt underneath. He only had a Hawaiian looking necklace on, but it was enough. Kyle is defiantly the guy in the relationship, there is no competition between the two, and they both knew it.

            Cole gapped at him and I laughed again. “Great? Come on, she looks amazing and you know it.” Kyle laughed some and remarked to me.

            “You have to excuse him; he had a few drinks before we got here. But you do look great, that’s the first time I think I’ve seen you in a dress.”  I nodded again and laughed.

            “Hey, I’m not drunk.” Cole said as he looked back at Kyle. I laughed again and heard a shriek. I looked to see Lindsay coming over to me in her bumble bee outfit that I helped her design.

            “Ohmygosh, this is what you’ve been hiding from me? Gosh, and I thought mine was completely cool.” I hugged her back as she came up and hugged me.

            I smiled at her. “You do look cool; don’t forget who pulled that outfit together for you.” I laughed. She laughed too. Her outfit was a black dress that was the same length as mine, and had the same floppiness of mine at the bottom. We painted yellow stripes over it and added a few lacy yellow to the trim of her dress. We also added black fish netting, and we added yellow leg warmers on top of her high heels, and then we added black gloves on her arms with yellow arm warmers. She looked completely cool and sexy at the same time. I laughed at her when I saw her boyfriend Alex looking at her from across the room with a smile on her face. “And how does Alex like it?” I mooched her; she laughed and gave me a small push.

            “He loves it of course, just like you said he would. I couldn’t get him to stop looking at me when he first got here.” I laughed again when she said that.

            “You still haven’t got him stopped looking at you.” She looked around and when she saw him I saw her blush and I couldn’t but help laugh a little. She laughed too when she turned back around and looked at me.

            “Well someone also hasn’t stopped looking at you since you got here.”

            “Hey, thanks for running my surprise Lindsay.” I heard a voice say behind me. It was Jeremy and I turned around in surprise because just a second ago it was Kyle and Cole behind me. I looked around for a second and saw that they were back sitting on the couch that Kyle had come from.  Lindsay laughed and touched my shoulder to get my attention back.

            “Look, I’ve got to go check on everything. But have fun, and come to get me when you start dancing.” I laughed and nodded again, and when she walked away I turned my attention back to Jeremy.

            “You look good in a dress.” He said and I laughed a little and rolled my eyes.

            “Yeah, you already told me that on the phone.” His face turned into a question.


            “Yeah, you called me when I was almost here.” When he didn’t answer me I looked at him with my own confused look. “You did call me didn’t you?” He laughed and shook his head.

            “No, my phone got taken away because I went over.” He explained.

            “Oh,” was all I said, and then I shrugged. “It must have been someone else.”

            “Yeah, so you wanna dance?” He asked me. I decided that I would not turn him down, and that tonight was going to be a fun filled night, so it would start with dancing.

            “Sure, why not?” I answered him. His face lit up and he led me the couple feet over to the dance floor where everyone was in a big mop dancing.

The End

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