Chapter 1, Confrontation Part 9

You could say that the advisor was having a very busy afternoon. Just as he had left the Prince’s headquarters, a messenger came over and told him that the Emperor had summoned him.

Tucking the pouch that the Prince had given him safely away, he arrived at the Grand Hall.

The Emperor was leaning over his table, writing something, reading something, not noticing Advisor Chur’s entrance. It wasn’t until a servant nearby notified the Emperor did he look up to see the advisor standing there.

“Ah! You’re here.” The Emperor smiled, setting down his pen. “Wonderful.”

Advisor Chur bowed.

“Why does the Emperor seek for my presence?”

“I would like you to elaborate from what you said this morning.” He watched the advisor intently. “The girl’s idea is certainly good, but I see holes in them myself.”

Advisor Chur heart began pounding. This couldn’t be true. He looked up at the Emperor, with his eyes shining.

“My Emperor, the girl’s plan is completely crazy. It’s a suicide mission and in the end, no one will come out alive. How can we be sure she isn’t working for the Choung?”

The Emperor nodded.

“That it quite precisely what I had in mind.”

Advisor Chur looked up to him in surprise.

“But, my Emperor, why have you agreed to this plan?”

The Emperor sighed as he rest a heavy forehand on his hand.

“Because we have no other choice. If it had been anyone else stranded in HeiLi, I might be able to let them go, but this is my brother.” The Emperor shook his head, looking as if he had aged years in just a few minutes. “I can’t just let him die without trying.”

Advisor Chur went quiet for a moment. The Emperor finally rose his head and waved him off.

“You are dismissed.”

Advisor Chur bowed and left quietly.

The Emperor watched his receding figure, eyes staring intently at the money pouch that now stuck out from the advisor’s belt. A cold smile formed on his face as he muttered to himself.

“So son, is this truly what you think, or are you just trying to get revenge?”

The End

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