Chapter 1, Confrontation, Part 2

Hanto found the girl vaguely interesting. He hadn’t seen many women before except for the dancers his father would sometimes hire for a celebration. They were lovely ladies, so nothing about this girl had quite made a lasting impression on him.

But he was about to duel her.

Hanto smirked at the thought. He could beat his own father in a duel, how could this... girl... defeat him? He saw her pale. He saw the emotions in her eyes, and he found it amusing, but he could have cared less about her. It was just another one of those games that his father liked to play and Hanto was in no mood for games today. It would be a quick and easy match, and then maybe he’ll watch her execution later. In Hanto’s eyes, this was completely pointless and it was written all over his face.

“Yes, father.” He bowed slightly before grabbing his sword. He eyed the girl. “Does she have a weapon?”

“I have my own sword.” She replied coldly, unslinging a bundle from her shoulder. She set it on the ground and unwrapped it, revealing a gleaming sword and a bow. She grabbed the sword and wrapped the bow back up.

“Traveling with extra weight I see.” Hanto muttered. What was a girl doing with all those weapons? The girl stiffened at his comment, but chose to ignore it with a small roll of her eyes. Unfortunately, Hanto did not see her.

Hanto drew his sword and took a step back. She drew her’s as well, revealing a long slender sword, light, quick, and fast. It was nothing like his, a big heavy broadsword. But so what? Hanto was strong enough to wield anything quickly.

An advisor that had been in between them stepped back.

“You may begin!” He shouted and the match was on.

Hanto didn’t wait for the girl to move. Chivalry towards your opponent was death for yourself. Hanto wanted to end this fast, like right now fast. He ran forward and swung his sword at her. She brought her sword up to block it, but Hanto knew that no one had ever been able to block him. A smirk appeared on his face.

You lose.

The girl was pushed backwards and she slammed into the ground. The sword flew out of her hand and skid across the floor, too far for her to reach. She was struggling to get up and her face contorted into pain. Hanto smirked again. He really was in no mood to play.

He strode over to her and pressed his sword against her neck.

“Girl, you lost.”

The girl stared up at him defiantly, a small smile forming on her face.

“Really?” She taunted and for a moment something sparkled in her eyes.

“Is this even a questionable issue?”

“Oh, it’s very questionable because...” Something flashed before his eyes and Hanto instinctively reached up to block his eyes which luckily saved him from turning blind that day. The girl wrapped her ankles around his leg and dragged him down as she rolled over. Hanto slipped and landed heavily onto his back right next to the girl. The girl grabbed a dagger from her boot and pushed it against his neck, using the weight of her body to press him down. “I think you just lost.”

The whole thing happened too fast. From the moment the girl threw needles at his eyes to the moment he was lying on the ground, with the girl on top of him and a knife against his throat, only a few seconds had passed. This whole match had only taken a minute. And the worst thing of all, Hanto just went from winning to losing in less time than it had taken for him to win.

This was embarrassing.

“Let go of me.” He muttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable, being pressed harshly against the ground, her bright eyes staring so intensely at him.

“Not until you say that you’ve lost.”

Hanto was wordless for a moment.

“I lost.” He finally spat out, his face contorted into disgust. The girl grinned slightly.

“That’s more like it.” She got up from on top of him and faced the shocked emperor. “I think that should do.”

For a moment the entire court was in silence at the they waited for the emperor to respond.

“Take her to a room. We’ll meet tomorrow to discuss things.” He finally said, calling up to servants to take her to a room.

“Thank you.” She said with a slightly bow and turned to walk out.

“Wait!” The girl stopped at the voice and turned around, staring levelly at a disheveled Hanto. “At least leave a name.”


And she left.

The End

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