Unspoken Tales

Afternoon came and gone, and the sun was already setting. The two were still shuffling through the thick snowy forest. "Oh well, sleep time," Elise stated in the middle of the silence between them. "You must be tired."

"We can keep on going, I don't mind," said Letto, pointing ahead.

"It's going to be a very long road," Elise said. She took off her gloves and started digging a little trench. "You need a trench also?"

"Sure, I'll start the fire then," Letto replied.

Elise was in her little ditch while Letto was close to the fire to grabas much warmth as he can. "Hey, aren't you going to be near the fire to get warm?"

"I already said I cannot feel heat," declared Elise.

"Ah, sorry," answered Letto quietly. He gave a small smirk. I guess she doesn't have to worry about those small details. Elise is pretty lucky...

"It's terrible."


Elise got out of her trench and sat on the opposite side of where Letto sat. "It's terrible to not feel warmth or cold. It's a curse."

"A curse?" questioned Letto. "I don't see how..."

"To not feel pain, not even my breathe or the snow in my face," mumbled Elise. "What is hot, what is cold?"

The two were silent and the only sound came from the crackling fire.

"Why do you need to find the Flora de Ceptcion?" asked Elise, quickly switching topics.

"Why? I guess we are kind of stuck in the same hole," chuckled Letto. "I believe the flower can cure almost anything, so I'm going to find it to cure my curse. What about you? Are you also finding the Deception Flower?"

"I guess I am," replied Elise, playing with the snow around her. "I don't know myself, but if you want to find it, I'll help you find it, Mr. Letto!"

Letto started laughing and then opened his backpack and took out a piece of bread. He broke it into two and handed one half to Elise. "This is the last piece of bread I have, Elise," said Letto. "Eat it up and we'll keep on searching for the Deception Flower together!"

Elise nodded happily. She nibbled the bread and smiled. "I am glad I can be of help. There isn't a lot of travelers up these mountains, you know. And I might be a bit petite, being a girl, but I really want to help anyone I can."

"You remind me a lot of my daughter," said Letto with his mouth full. After chewing, he continued. "Whenever I was out working, she would always help clean the house and help travelers whoever passed our town. She's around the same age as you, I think."

"Oh, that's interesting to hear."

"Haha, yeah. I first didn't want to start traveling because I was worried about her, but she told me to keep going. She wanted me to get better, was all she cared. Once I get this wretched curse off my back, I am going back to my girl and stay with her without worried if I know someone is lying or not, haha!"

Letto laughed and laughed, but quietly chuckled after seeing Elise staring into the fire. "What about you? I don't think your mother would want her daughter to be running around in the cold."

"Don't worry about her. She won't worry about me. She was scared when I was born and frightened when I couldn't feel pain. So, she left me."

"Scared? Frightened?"

"Aren't you afraid? I have red eyes, white hair, and I cannot feel pain," said Elise.

Letto was about to speak up after a few seconds, but was interrupted by Elise. "Oh well!" she giggled. "Get a good rest, I shall get some sleep first! Good night!"

She slid back into her trench and was sound asleep. Her loaf of bread was held between her small hands.

The End

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