Calm After the Storm

Letto suddenly woke up in the middle of a cold room. His mind was swirling from the agony he felt last night. "That...was a bit embarrassing," Letto muttered as he threw the covers off of himself. Looking at a small window above the bed and saw that outside was quiet, but still freezing.

Putting on his boots and snow gear, he slowly crept out his way out of the cabin. "Where are you going?"

Letto turned around and saw Prisca sitting at the table staring at him intensely. Letto looked back at the door which was close enough for him to open and leave. He reached for the doorknob, but Prisca suddenly got up. "Are you sure you are alright?" she asked. Her face was filled with worry. Letto nodded and gave a weak smile. Prisca moved out of her seat and handed him a bag. "Inside is some bread. Please, have a safe trip."

Letto left the lodge and trodded through the snow again. The blizzard has died down, but the cold wind was still blowing against his face. An evergreen forest was in front of him when he looked up. Letto turned back and saw the house was already far away.

He took his first step into the forest and suddenly heard a crackle. He looked below his foot to see if he cracked a branch or something, but only snow. He shrugged it off and thought to himself, "Just the animals and birds finally feeling some warmth after that blizzard." Letto trudged through the snow and stopped under a large evergreen pine tree. He took off his backpack and opened the top to take out the bag the woman from the cabin has given him. A smile went across his face knowing it was still warm. He has forgotten to eat something before going back to his search for the plant known as the Deception Flower. He opened the sack to grab a loaf out, but heard a shuffling from behind the tree. "Who's there?" Letto shouted getting up from under the tree, holding the bag of bread.

He waited awhile before hearing cracks of branches and more scuffling. He slowly snuck his way to the other side and saw a girl buried under snow with only her head and arms sticking out. Around her, broken twigs were everywhere. "What the hell are you doing in the snow?" exclaimed Letto rather terrified. "You can die from the cold!"

"Snow isn't cold when it's laying against your body. It actually helps keep you warm sir," the girl has spoken. Her eyes, which was had a soft red tint to it, slowly looked up at Letto. "I am also in the snow because I was sleeping during the blizzard."

Letto shook his head. The girl squirmed around in the snow before popping out. She brushed of few bits of snow on her white t-shirt and black dress. She wore black shorts under and combed her long white hair with her fingers. "How were you able to survive that blizzard with so little clothes?" asked Letto in surprise. The girl was searching around the tree and found a grey scarf and black gloves.

After putting them on, she smiled. "I cannot feel pain. I cannot feel the cold nor the heat," she simply replied, "but I can smell some good bread you have in your hands. Can I have some?"

Letto looked at the sack he held in his hands. He forgot he hasn't eaten either. "My head isn't hurting and I don't have pain running through my body so she isn't lying about this," Letto thought. "The only pain I have now is in my hungry stomach."

The girl was given half of one bread while Letto ate the other half. "What is your name sir?" the girl suddenly asked from the silence. "My name is Elise."

"Just call me Letto," Letto answered. He wrapped the last loaf of bread in the sack and looked around for his backpack. "What are you doing here in the middle of the forest?"

"I want to get to the other side," Elise replied. He watched Letto disappear to the other side of the pine tree to get his rucksack and jammed the wrapped bread inside.

"Okay, Elise, there's a cabin this way," Letto stated pointing towards the direction from where he came from. "The nice people there can help you."

Letto started heading the opposite direction. Elise was still eating the half loaf she gotten, but got up to follow Letto. "I'm going the same way you're going!" she exclaimed.

"Y-You're kidding right? The other way has a nice house for you to live in," stammered Letto. "Also, who knows how long it will take to get to the other side of the forest. This isn't a field trip, kid."

"Oh, I know Mr. Letto," said Elise walking ahead of Letto. "My destination is the other side of the forest. So we're going the same way."

"Look, kid, I don't want to worry over you and I don't need to have another mouth to feed on my trip!" Letto shouted frustratedly. "I also don't need someone like you to be in my way to find this...this thing I need to find!!"

"Flora de Ceptcion," Elise blurted out. Letto looked up and barely heard what the girl has said. "My destination is this way, your destination is this way, our destination is this way. At least you won't be lonely during the trip."

Letto watched Elise walk farther and farther way with a confused expression on his face before he ran to catch up to her.

The End

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