A Deception's Truth

Looking for the mysterious "Deception Flower", Letto wonders the mountains to search for a cure to his terrible curse.

There isn't much known about the curse, but whenever he hears a lie from another person he immediately starts to sense a tremendous pain that only few have ever experienced.

Too far to from any town, a lone traveler struggles to plow through the heavy and blinding blizzard. With a lantern in one hand and a tight grip of his cloak in the other, the man was able to push his way through the storm for almost three miles. His field of vision could only see an everlasting white blanket and the repetitive looking trees that he would sluggishly pass by. Exhaustion was starting to overcome the chill of the cold weather, and he knew he couldn't walk for much further.

But he must.

For there is something that he must seek; that he must risks freezing to death for. This item is a cordillera flower that blooms only during the middle of winter. It was known as the “Flora de Ceptcion”, or the "Deception Flower". The locals gave it that name due to its strange blooming season, but legend has it that this flower possesses another very unique trait.  

Whither or not the rumors are true, the man had to know; or to put it another way, he needed to know. 


Finally the fatigued flame that rested within the rustic lantern has withered away. The snow covered trees and ground had disappeared within the darkness and the man had literally screeched to a blinding halt.

"Oh great!" he said aloud as he jiggled the lantern in a hopeless attempt to regain the spark. "This doesn't look well."

Attempts at reviving the dead flame had ceased once he noticed a shimmer of light coming from his left. There he could see the faint image of a small country house. Usually there aren't many cabins this high up the mountain, so the man was surprised to run into one.

Seeing as the house was only at least 50 meters away, the man decided to practically crawl his way over for refuge.

The funny thing was that if the lantern didn't go out, he would never have seen the cabin and would continue to aimlessly wonder through the snow. Some might call that "Luck".

The End

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