Doesn't MeanMature

im going to rewrite this cause i dont like this chapter. stay tuned.

Jade woke with a lurching start. The first thing that came into her mind was that she felt incredibly sick, but then, slowly, her brain began to work properly, and she pieced together her situation. She was still in the dank alley, the darkling sky still loitering overhead, the chill air nipping at her bare arms. She became aware that she sitting, leaning against the grimy brick wall. Her hair, was filled with dirt, grease, and blood. Her clothes were in tatters, and embarrassingly close to not being there at all. Embarrassing, because she soon noticed the black mass that was Jacob staring at her, leaning against the adjacent wall. “...Stop that. Stop... looking at me like that.”

“Or what?” Jacob gave a feral smile, his teeth glistening almost as much as his eyes, tinged with lust. I’m rather enjoying the sight of my alluring commander, barley being able to move, wearing next to nothing.” Jacob stood, moved his head down, body forward, and looked sharply  into Jade’s deep brown eyes for a long time, prodding her.

            “Rest assured that I don’t want you, flea bag.” Jade tried to move away from the figure towing over her, but failed, as a result of the fact that Jacob had cornered her against the wall.

            “You’d enjoy it.”  He pressed closer. “I know you would you sultry bitch. I’m sure that you’ve done at least half of our male members. It’s a great way to keep them loyal no? They follow you like dogs, with... well not exactly with their tails wagging...” Jade grinned wolfishly; she knew he was kidding about what he wanted to do with her. At least, he better be.

            “I’m chaste, dumbshit.”

            “Chaste in mind but not in deed, darling. What would your parents think... If they knew their little girl enjoyed getting gang fucked by her subordinates each night?” Jacob smiled as if the thought had just occurred to him. “You’re fucking helpless right now. You can’t run, you’ve ripped way too many muscles for that... Your right arms broken. You’ve a concussion. I could do whatever I wanted to with you right now, and after a while, you wouldn’t even want to scream. I know you.”

            “You’re a liar, and you know it.” Despite her words, Jade clenched her left fist around her knife.

            “Really now. Then of course, this isn’t happening.” His right arm pinned her left against the wall, and with his right her started to rip op the remains of Jade’s shirt and bra. She struggled in vain, too wounded to fight him off. Screaming was useless, no one would hear, and even if they did, they’d be just as likely to ignore it or worse, join in raping the beautiful young girl, then help her. As his fingers began to press into various parts of her body, she cursed herself. She couldn’t help it; her mind was going foggy red, her legs, weak. She screamed anyway. As Jacob started to undo the buttons on her pants, and pressing his ever so soft, pleasuring fingers into places that could do nothing but make Jade gasp in pleasure, even though she hated it so, so much, she managed to moan out:

“Fuck you, Jacob.”

“Oh you’re going to. Whether you want to or not. And nobody’s going to stop me.”

The End

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