Melody FallingMature

The figure, Jade, slipped into the small crevice of an alley, between the two tightly packed pair of shacks. A faint flickering light, pathetically tried to oppose the darkness, as Jade eyes painfully kept readjusting. She found a spot were the light was not yet as painful, and from where she could also view the long, empty road that ran perpendicular to her alley. Jade batted her eyes a few times, as to combat their dryness, and closed them. Jade; let her body fall back against the wall, and collapsed in a pool of her blood.


An unknown, caped and hooded, walked down the street; he was clothed all in black, and rather invisible against the dark backdrop. He would have been unnoticeable, but for his steps echoing loudly in the quite street. It was raining, and so the persistent clack of his high heel boots was accented with the occasional splash. But, all the sounds that night fit together in perfect harmony, almost as is they were following a strict rhythm. A flash of light, and two explosions on either side of the stranger put the melodic bass of the steps offbeat, and the symphony ended, all sounds ending, but for the rain. Yet, still he walked, but now there was no sound, neither when he moved, nor when he stopped. And stop moving he did, his gaze focusing on a particular shadow, in a alley.


“Your late.” Jade stated blatantly.

My sincere apologies, Sakura.” Noting the two burning hunks of metal a little down the road. “I was... held up.” Jacob replied, or he would have, but before he finished the word ‘Sakura’, Jade had vanished, and he was up in the air, easily held up by Jade’s left hand. “Careful” Jacob stated slyly, noticing the reason Jade had used her left arm, grimacing at the torrent of blood running down her right. “At this rate, I’ll have to give you stitches, a cast, and~” Jacob gasped slightly, as he got slammed into a wall 50 feet behind him, as fast as if had been right behind him. “...And a brace or two.” Jacob laughed. “Those aren’t cheap you know.”

“Shut up.” Jade stuttered as she slowly sat down dripping in more of her own blood, from several new openings. She was shaking, but Jacob couldn’t see her face through the thick bangs of hair, matted down with blood. At this rate she would bleed out in a matter of minutes, Jacob guessed. He laughed again, a mocking cynical laugh, as he sat beside her.

“Sorry, this might hurt a little.”

The End

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