The LastMature


12:15 pm March 2nd


A lone figure, cloaked, in the velvet of absolute darkness, stood, or rather crouched along the roof, contemplating the route below. Jade Sayo, instinctively brushed her bangs of green hair, from covering her left eye, revealing the red h shaped scar descending along the side of her face. She noticed a faint glint slice through the darkness, as her slitted pupils regrew into circles, accustomed to the visible light spectrum. Receding into a more shaded area, and as she now was temporarily blinded in the darkness, she crept slowly along the roof, even though there wasn’t much point to continue until her eyes readjusted. At this rate they would find her...

“They know...”

“They see us, now. Their eyes now see what we see.”

“No, not all. They do not see all as we do.”

“Then, we have a chance?”

“We, always did, we did. They, had never one.”

“It is then as we predicted.”

“Of course. This is the last time.”

“Yes.” Jade, left or went with no one on that night, on that platform. There was not a soul in the darkness except Jade, and her thoughts. Thoughts, who most certainly, did not have a soul.


            Beyond the darkness, there was one, not of many, that believed that that darkness is not like anything else. Encompassing the darkness of the under city, around and in, was one of the major cities of the century. So much change in the recent years, evolving technology has made everyday life simple, made that which was once impossible, achievable, it is a new, superior world were the problems of the past are forgotten. The darkness is the only real. The few, as they are, are disgusted, how they realize that ‘nature’ is now mass produced in a factory, how the sky, the ground, the sea, is populated by humans, not birds, fish and the like.   How they realize, humans, have destroyed the world. They are those who see through false. At least Jessica hopes. But this should be the last time she should have such... rebellious, thoughts. Her employer certainly would not approve.  “It is time to start the last!”      


           An unsuspecting can, lying peacefully in the dust of the road, abruptly found itself being the victim, of a rather, hard, steel toed boat, as Addison, knocked it out of its wits. Addison, on the other hand, found himself enjoying a moment, a splinter, of relapsed joy as the can went whirling away. He had his flashlight on, and was waving it absent mindlessly around the buildings, cutting through the darkness. Although, in retrospect, he didn’t really need it, he could see fine in the dark, and the light wasn’t all that bright anyway. The knowledge of why Addison had ever decided to join the police corps, had long since been utterly forgotten. This would be the last time, the last mission, and the day he finally forgot the police to go do something better. It was the last time... 


            As per usual, John was bored. School life was uninteresting, boring, and dreadful even. So he decided to stop. What point was there in this stupid school? Well, then, whatever to do... Hmmm, well he hadn’t seen Jade in a while, eh? Surely his half cousin would have missed him? That thought almost made John break out in laughter, and he would have, were it not for his immediate surroundings. Maybe he should move there... Yea right, he’d sooner hang himself than have to deal with her more than once a week. Maybe this would be the last time he went to this hell hole of a school. That’s right...! The last time...

The End

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