A Deamon in WhiteMature

In our existence, there are other self contained realities. In common litature, these are often called parallel universes, or alternate dimensions; although, a more correct, classifying term exists. They are called multiverses. There are many different theories proposed concerning these, all with evidence and supporting claims. Multiverses have the same time perimeter, they are structurally identical to each other, and have the same physical principles we are familiar with. But, they exist in different states, conditions.  They cannot interfere with each other, though they can affect each other quantum interference. One must also understand the value of quantum superposition, where the smallest outcome affects a larger, and all things are predetermined based on past outcomes, by the law of universal wave function. Technically following this process of thought having more than one copy of earth is not unquestionable; in fact it’s more than likely. The base fact of the sheer size of one verse proves this. In 1950 it was calculated that Earth should have been visited by one of these. Long ago.  And many times. We begin, in a state of time, which, is much, much, different than ours.  The one we know call home.

The End

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