To History We Go

One word, thought Spook, jealous! What she wouldn't have given to get out of school early... not that she wasn't enjoying herself, but there were much bigger things out there to look forward to. And it was so much more fun creating havoc in the real world anyway.

"C'mon then Brainbox." she said, flinging her apple core in the bin and trotting out of the dining hall.

Back through the main school they went, squeezing through large crowds of other pupils all on their way to their respective lessons. Spook occasionally stopped to wave at someone over the top of the crowd, or call out some bizarre word or phrase, which resulted in some unknown voice bursting into fits of laughter. In-jokes, thought Spook, wonderful things.

Finally they arrived at the classroom. It was one of the older buildings built just off the main hall, the room number gleaming in bronze letters outside the door. Spook kicked the door open nonchalantly - it never opened at all unless you kicked it - and parked herself in her usual spot in the corner, drawing up a chair for Del beside her. The teacher Ms Francis was not far behind her, grinning in her usual fashion and with a large bundle of paper and textbooks in her arms.

"Hello girls!" she said cheerily. "Today we'll be starting our new topic, Causes of the Second World War. Now, before I hand back some of your older work, I just have a quick question for our new student - Delorfinde is it? Have you done anything on World War Two already?"

The End

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