First Day

"It's different," said Del. "And it's different from how I was expecting, too. There's so much happening all the time, so many people!" She laughed. "But I think I'm enjoying it. I mean, no parents! This is quite cool ..." Saying that, she suddenly looked serious. "I wonder whether their flight has left yet."

"They said three o'clock, didn't they? So not for a while yet." Spook glanced up at the clock. "Do you have your timetable? We need to see where you are next period."

"Sure," Delorfinde replied, and started emptying her bag. When everything was spread over the table she eventually found the neatly folded piece of paper and peered at it. "It's okay, I've got History. I won't be on my own!" 

"They do know you're younger, don't they?" said Spook. "I wasn't expecting you to be in my classes for everything."

"Well, maybe it's a mistake, but I don't care." Looking down, Del realised something for the first time. "I might have to work a bit harder but I can get this stupid exam out of the way, can't I? I was in fast-track sets, after all. I can leave secondary school early at this rate!"

"Wow. That would be quite cool." Spook looked jealous. "The whole school? Early?"

"Uh huh!" :)

The End

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