"Hang on a second." said Spook, rummaging in her shoulder bag. "Aha!"

With a flourish, she produced her own timetable - or what was left of it. It wasn't that far into the school year and already the thing was mangled beyond recognition. However, Spook peered at it carefully before stuffing it back into the bag.

"Back to Dun Holme for a break, then I've got History after break. Dunno if your timetable's the same as mine, but the Library's not far from my History classroom so if you're not in with me I can easily just drop you off up there."

And so the duo returned to Dun Holme. Slipping into the dining hall, Spook investigated the food that lay on the hot plate. Humph, she thought, tomato-and-cheese pastry thingies. Not being particularly keen on them, Spook grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl instead and sat down on the windowsill near the door. Del soon came to join her. Spook swallowed her first bite of apple.

"How you liking your first day?" she asked.

The End

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