Volunteered. But Not Willingly.

Spook chewed the end of her pen - a biro this time, she only ever used pencils for Maths because she messed up so often. Her poetry wasn't great; she'd written a couple of short limericks, a mangled sonnet and was halfway through experimenting with a ballad, but she didn't like any of them particularly. She'd clean them up later she decided, when she had more time.

Sneakily, Spook peered over and looked at Del's work. Her handwriting was far neater than Spook's, not that this was hard. Spook's writing sometimes got so messy it often resembled arabic according to her History teacher. Spook didn't mind though, she had far too many ideas clamouring to get out of her head to waste her time trying to keep her writing neat. Besides, it was legible ... most of the time.

Wow, she thought, nice work Del. She looked at Del expectantly, but the girl was sitting there perfectly quietly. Spook raised an eyebrow and nudged her. Del shook her head, face burning red. Spook grinned evilly and before Del could stop her, raised her hand into the air.

"Ms Alper, I think we should give our new student a chance to show us what she can do." said Spook sweetly.

Ms Alper smiled back at Spook. She may not have liked the scruffy-haired girl in particular, but her work was often one of the best of the class, if not top itself. Spook however suspected Del would provide some healthy competition. Good, she thought, nothing like a bit of pressure to help you up your game. Del shot Spook a dirty look and started to protest, but Ms Alper was having none of it and ordered Del to stand up and read her work aloud.

"Go on Del." hissed Spook, grinning at the daggers in Del's eyes. "Show us what you've got."

The End

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