Let The Scribbling Begin!

"Now, girls, today you will be writing poems. I know it's not all of your cups of tea, but I'm sure it'll be very illuminating ..." Blah, blah, blah. Ms Alper went on and on; Del and Spook already had their pencils out and were trying out a few ideas. Sure, not everyone would enjoy it ... but they certainly would.

"And remember, not all poetry has to rhyme! There are many different forms, including blank verse and abstract poetry..." She just wouldn't shut up. Del stared at the paper, trying to remember what she was going to say next, because yet again it had slipped her mind.

"At the end of the lesson we'll ask a few of you to read yours out, so that we can all enjoy it." Ms Alper smiled and sat back down. "Now, get on with it, please! I'm not going to say silence but if it gets too noisy you will not be allowed to talk."

That wasn't a problem with the two girls sitting together near the front row -- they were already turning the page in their books, having finished one already. Del looked down at her three poems. Could that line be tweaked a little? Spook just ploughed on.

I'll change it later, she thought. Plenty of time.

Whereas Del was thinking about something completely different. So odd that we're in the same lessons though I'm younger. I guess being put in the fast-track classes at BGS wasn't such a bad thing. Having to do GCSEs a year early means I can take classes with Spook. Thank goodness for that, it would have been awful if I didn't know anyone.

"Okay, time's up!" The lesson had flown. "Now, who wants to read theirs out?"

The End

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