A Payne-Ful Subject

Spook chewed the end of her pencil, glaring up at the clock and looking longingly out of the window. Not because of the view of course, in fact it was pouring with rain and there was even thunder on the distant horizon. No, Spook's main interest in the window lay in the fact it was a possible escape route ... either that or a convenient means of suicide.

Mr Payne - what an apt name for a Maths teacher - continued to drone on pointlessly, scribbling equations on the board, barely even noticing that half his class was now asleep. Spook growled and bit down hard on the end of her pencil ,snapping off a large splinter of wood in her mouth.

"Blah!" she hissed, spitting it surreptitiously into her hand. Del, sitting next to her, gave Spook a concerned look.

"Are you sure you're okay? I don't think even you eat pencils for fun."

"Bored out of my mind. Brain can't function. Cells dying ... body giving up ... will power dissipating ..."

Del rolled her eyes. "Stop being so melodramatic. This stuff isn't so hard once you get around the theorems."

Spook shot her a dirty glare, then went back to thinking pitbull thoughts at Mr Payne. Maybe if he'd slow down and give her enough time to try and understand the mass of squiggles and lines all over the board she might actually learn something. But no, everyone else seemed to get it. Just not Spook.

Thank gods it's English next, she thought, otherwise I might just die. Even if Ms Alper is a llama in a swede jacket, at least the subject's interesting. And we get to write poetry today ... just think of that, it'll dull the pain.

Finally, Mr Payne stopped blabbing.

"I'm afraid that's all we have time for today ladies," he said. "But if you'd just-"

But it was too late. The class was already out of the door, Spook in the lead with Del's hand clamped in a vice grip. Mr Payne sighed.

"Okay. We'll leave the prep for next time ... maybe."

"C'mon!" said Spook to Del, leading her through the twisting corridors. "Let's get as far away from there as possible before my brain explodes. I think you'll like our next lesson, if not the teacher. Let the scribbling begin eh?"

The End

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