"Too big," said Del, looking down at the skirt which came halfway to her shins. Throwing it back to Spook, she tried on another. "Too small." This one finished about six inches above the knee.

"Definitely," Spook replied. "If you wore that ..." She laughed at the thought of the trouble Del would be in. "Here, try this one." She tossed another one over. This one fitted perfectly. "Right, okay, we've got a skirt..." Spook glanced up at the clock and started to panic. "We need to hurry."

The next ten minutes were a flurry of activity, but by the end of it Delorfinde was kitted out with a full uniform, and feeling like a bit of a fool she ran with Spook towards the school assembly. They were still a little bit late, but were able to sneak in the back.

And thank goodness, because they were just in time as the teacher -- someone Del didn't know, and couldn't put a name to -- said, "And we'd like to welcome a new student, Delorfinde Telcontar. Would you like to come up here, Delorfinde?"

Feeling stupid at being addressed by her full name and blushing furiously, Del got up and walked onto the wooden stage. She grinned sheepishly. "Umm, hello..." Turning to the teacher she said, "Please, call me Del. I'm much more comfortable with that."

"Del. All right then. Go and sit down. I trust you have a timetable?"

"Yes, miss." Del returned to her place. As soon as she sat down they both burst into hysterical giggles.

"Since you came," said Spook, trying to control herself, "I've had twice my normal number of close shaves. What is it with you?"

The End

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