Early Birds

Spook couldn't help but chuckle at the bleary-eyed look on Del's face as they trotted happily through the silent main school building. Remembering her first few days - and her utter disgust when she had been awoken the first time by that blasted buzzer - Spook was more than familiar with how Del felt. But that didn't make it any less funny.

"Come on sleepyhead!" she called back in an irritatinly chirpy voice. Del grunted in reply.

"Can I help you?" asked the receptionist, a large lady who reminded Spook oddly of a water buffalo.

"Yes, we had a new student come in yesterday and she doesn't have a timetable... so we were wondering if you knew where we could get a hold of one." said Spook. The receptionist nodded,

"Of course. Here it is."

She held out a piece of paper, which Spook in turn passed on to Del.

"Rightio, thanks!" Spook called over her shoulder as she steered Del out of the office and back into the main school corridoor. Down they went until they reached the other end of the building, then they turned out onto the gravel path which lead towards the school shop.

"Should probably just be opening now." Spook mused as they approached the low green-painted building. Sure enough, the sign had just been swapped from "Sorry We're Closed" to "Come In, We're Open!". Feeling psychic, Spook nudged the door open, almost tripped over the doorframe and came to an ungainly landing just inside.

"Hallo!" called the woman at the desk. "Looking for uniform for the new girl?"

"Yep." replied Spook. She had known the woman who worked here for three years now and they were on good terms. Not in the least because Spook had to keep coming back to replace lost games socks.

"Excellent, Delorfinde isn't it?" the woman asked Del. Del nodded, and the woman pulled a sheet of pink paper out from under the desk before moving off into the stores area behind the counter. "Right this way."

The End

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