Morning Comes

Del blearily opened her eyes, trying to work out amid the noise and bright light just where she was. It took a second or two before she remembered, but everything came back in a rush. The paper towel fight, the dancing lessons ... yes, yes, it was all coming back. And then last night, when they'd stayed up whispering for absolutely hours, until she dropped off in the middle of a sentence...

"Del? You awake in there?" It was Spook, her voice cutting right through Del's sleepy brain and piercing the very heart of her headache.

"I'm awake, just about," she said, trying to get up. "But I'm not up yet. Ugh, what time is it?" She tried to look at her watch, before remembering it wasn't on her wrist.

"Too early," Spook replied, sounding ridiculously cheery for someone who could only have had an hour or two of sleep. Well, six at most. "I thought I'd take you down to the office to sort out your schedule as soon as breakfast is over, and then pop along to get the uniform. What do you think?"

"Before assembly?" Del groaned. It had to be, what, quarter past seven? To judge by what Spook had told her, anyway.

"It's ten past seven right now, by the way, and we can always sneak in the back. It won't be too much of a rush." Spook was trying to reassure her. "Come on, it'll be fine. At least, it will if you hurry up and get out of bed, get dressed and generally show some sign of life."

Del groaned again and obeyed.

The End

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