Bedtime Sneakiness

It was a few moments later, just as Spook has polished off her sixth Bourbon of the evening, that it finally occured to her to look at her watch.

"Fuzzballs!" she yelped. "It's almost ten guys!"

"Mama T will be along soon..." murmered Sara. "Expecting us to all be in bed..."

"Methinks we'd better run." Spook finished.

The group looked at one another for a moment, nodded and raced off out of the room. Spook hung back next to Del and added quickly:

"They're pretty strict on bedtimes in here, we've gotta be quick."

Del nodded and together they streaked back up the stairs and shot into their respective cubicles. Flinging on her crumpled pyjamas, Spook sprinted down to the bathroom, ninja-kicking the door open in her haste, and started scrubbing her teeth as if trying to purge them of all impurities. Back down the corridoor she ran, vaulting into bed just as the door opened and Mrs Taylor came striding down:

"Bedtime now girls!" she called. "Time for sleep now ja, you've had the whole day for talking, time to rest now. Get some beauty sleep now, very nice."

"Goodnight Mrs Taylor." chorused the Middle Fifth, innocent as you like. Mrs Taylor sighed,

"Such good girls. See you in the morning ja!"

When she was gone, the whole dorm descended into hysterical giggles.

"Success." muttered Spook, nestling down into her bed, grinning like a jackass.

Now, would she need her ipod tonight, or was there going to be some talk to be had...

The End

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