Dancing Lessons


You would have thought, seeing as they were both barefoot, that it wouldn't have made too much noise -- but Del and Spook's impromptu dancing session attracted rather a lot of attention. Students were crowding around, most of them in hysterics but some of them trying to copy the steps without any of their friends seeing, leading to the assumption that they needed the toilet but didn’t want to leave!

Fifteen minutes in to the ‘class’, they weren’t getting very far.

"No, Spook. I told you, after you kick your bum it's right foot in front and then you step lightly on your left foot -- lightly!!" They were still on skips.

"I don't know how you do that," Spook muttered. "And to think I used to vaguely know how to do this. So wait, kick bum, right foot, left foot, right foot and then kick bum, left foot, right foot, left foot?"

"Yes!" Del sighed, but inside she was pleased. She probably needed to the practice with teaching anyway. She could put it down as work experience. "Now do it a little bit faster. Watch." She skipped up and down the room. "And keep your feet turned out!"

Spook tried to copy her, but her arms were waving around in the air. "No! Arms by your sides!"

It took a full twenty five minutes for her to be skipping properly but soon she was dashing up and down the room like a mad thing. Del took a breather while trying to decide what to do next. Jumps, cuts or the light jig?

"What do you want to do next, Spook?" she asked, but one look at her friend told Delorfinde they'd done enough for tonight. "Ah. Right. Okay. We'll stop there then, shall we?"

Pip visibly relaxed. "Thank goodness for that. I was sure it was only a matter of time before you broke something." She looked around at the room. “The fact that you haven’t has got to be a miracle.”

"Oit, you!" exclaimed Spook. Then she laughed. "Actually, I felt that way too. Fair enough!"



The End

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