A Crash Course in Sherborne-ology

"Right," trilled Spook, rolling her "r"s in the way she found so satisfying. "Here's a quick rundown. I'll take you by the school office tomorrow to get you a schedule, and the teachers will be pretty good in letting you know what we've done so far. Uniform is easy, again I'll take you by the shop tomorrow. Rules are pretty basic, the usual "wear the uniform properly" and "no innapropriate behavior" and all that. House rules, again not much to say. Once your lessons are over you can get back into your own clothes, prep time is to be quiet time, sign out in the book whenever you go anywhere off campus or in the evening yadda yadda..."

"Anything else?" asked Del.

"I'm not done yet, don't worry." said Spook. "Well, let the kitchen staff know if you have a problem with food, if your lesson isn't on in school you go to the library or the big prep room - only Sixth Form can come back to house during the day. Erm... I think that's about it really."

"Great!" said Del. She glanced at the clock, "I can't read the hands on that thing, what does it say?"

"No idea." said Spook, looking at the dining hall clock. "It's tuned into a digital station, but the signal changes so often its next to useless anyway. However, my watch says it's nearly 9:00. That means we have an hour to wreak havoc before we are exiled to bed. Oh, that reminds me, all lights have to be out at 10:00 pm for our year - it's different for every year group - and that includes laptops, sidelights and all that... but any lights people can't see are okay."

"Right... so what do we do now?" asked Del, shifting uneasily chewing her bourbon. Spook grinned.

"Well, seeing as we're short of things to do, why don't you teach me a few dance steps? Show me how to make these limbs of mine do something useful eh?"

Pip and the others crowded around: "Oh this is going to be good," Pip murmered with a sharp-toothed grin.

"Nah, I'll be fine," said Spook with a shrug. "What do you say Del, teach me a few whirligigs?"

The End

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