Stupid Questions?

"Umm, well." Del wasn't really sure what to say. She had no especial questions -- after all, as soon as Spook told her what her school was called she had been on and off the website as a regular thing, 'stalking' her. Once she and a friend had even used the address to send Spook a letter, as a surprise. It had worked.

"Come on, don't be shy." The other girls were trying to be encouraging. Del thought for a minute. Was there anything she needed to know?

"Lessons," she said at last. "I don't have a timetable yet, and I don't know what board your exams are etc. I was supposed to be taking a couple of my GCSEs early so I'm worried that I might have learned the stuff already. And I don't know whether you even offer the same subjects as my old school!"

Spook sucked in her lip. "I can see why that might be a problem. But the school knows what options you took, right? I'm sure they would have told you if there were any issues. Written to you or something."

Del nodded again. "And what about uniform? What are the rules? Do we have to wear it after school or can we get changed the minute we're out of lessons?" Now freed from their bonds, her questions came quickly. "How about the rules of the boarding house? What kind of things are going to get me in trouble? Who in particular do I need to watch out for?"

The End

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