"Ha ha, a delve. Get it, Spook?" Del laughed at the phrasing. Her most annoying characteristic was the way she would play with words -- but it did come in handy sometimes.

"Good one," replied Spook appreciatively. "Now, are you coming or not?"

Del looked down. "Will I get super dodgy looks if I wander around in my hard shoes? They do have large silver buckles on them..." Once, when she still lived at home, she'd walked to the bus stop in them. Not a good idea. They ended up horribly scratched, and a few passers-by did not look impressed.

"Nah, this place is full of weirdos. Come on then! Before the others get there before us."

Del watched with a sigh as Spook and her friends ran off down the corridor. She knew a quicker way. With a small chuckle, she leapt off, clicking her heels together. After all, this was a good floor on which to practice that stupid heavy jig which had been getting on her nerves for some time now.

The End

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