A Scary Encounter

"What's that noise?"

Spook froze. Oh no, she thought, oh no no no no no. She knew that voice. She would have known that voice among a thousand others. Clambering up onto her wall, she peered over at Mia in the room next to her. Mia looked back, a twin look of horror on her face as Spook's.

"It's Margaret!" she hissed.

Suddenly, there came a great scuttling in every room as the occupants dived for cover. Spook skittered into Del's room and ducked behind the door. Del looked confused and Spook mouthed: HIDE!

"What on Earth are you up to?" asked Del.

"It's Margaret!" hissed Spook. "The scariest, most terrifying thing you will ever meet in all your life - now hide quick!"

Obediently, Del scuttled over to hide behind Spook just as the door burst open. Spook froze and listened as she heard the click of a pair of heels tapping across the floor.

"Who's making all that noise?" came Margaret's voice.

"Don't know," replied Claudia, somewhat tentatively. "We heard it too."

"Hmph." said Margaret. Spook could almost visualise the tall, skinny girl tossing her mane of witchy-black hair over her shoulder.

"Well, whatever it was if I hear it again I'm going to hit someone. I'm trying to study here!" she snapped. Then, still muttering, she stalked off down the corridoor. As the door slammed shut behind her, Spook turned to Del.

"That was close."

Del nodded. "She seems ... irritable."

"She always is. Seriously, she won't hesitate to terrify the pants off you if you get on her nerves. Sometimes I think even the teachers are scared of her... but what of that, prep's finally over. Hows about we head down and ask Mrs O'Neill about your dancing eh?"

The End

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