A Few Answers

Spook chewed her lip, stroking her chin in the sort of way evil villains do in pantomimes. She didn't know of any Irish Dancing associations in the area - in fact the only dancing she knew of was the ballet class that took place every Thursday night. She was silent for a few moments, then typed back hurriedly:

Dunno about your dancing, but you can practice your instruments down in the music block whenever you like - just go down and find a practice room, I'll take you next time I take my guitar down.

You might want to talk to Mrs O'Neill about the dancing part, she's the one who's clued in on all this sort of thing.

Flipping off the Protagonize page, Spook returned to typing. Her novel wasn't very long, but it was proving a challenge to write. It had taken her just over two months to get this far, but finally she was getting to the good bit and had increased her pace. Del's reply however, caught her mid-sentance and she had to finish typing before she replied:

Okay. Shall I ask her after this is over? When does this finish?

8:15 Spook replied, Then we usually all head down to the servary - I'll come with you if you like. I'm sure there'll be something we can do to figure this out.

Now.... how do I set about blowing up an ammunitions factory with nothing but a popsicle stick...

The End

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