Havoc? Hardly.

First things first: e-mail Spook. But how to be sure she'd got it? Del opened the server, pleased to find that it actually worked, and sent a test message. Laugh hysterically if you get this, she wrote.

A peal of laughter from the other room assured her that yes, Spook had recieved the message. Satisfied, Del returned to her 'work'. But what was she supposed to be doing? She'd only just joined the school. They hadn't got any homework yet.

Spook, what am I supposed to be doing? she asked. The reply came back almost instantly: you've got no work to do? I thought you were writing a novel?

Of course, it was obvious. She plugged in her USB - hello, old stick - and opened the latest novel, before remembering she'd just finished it. "Oh, bother," Del muttered under her breath. "Lack of computer-related work going here."

With a sigh she turned to Protagonize, and immediately brightened. "Now this could be fun," she said, and immediately posted a few little chapters in old collabs.  Then something occured to her.

Spook? she wrote quickly in the little comment box. When am I allowed to practice my instruments?

The reply, Instruments? Plural?, arrived approximately thirty seconds later. Del nodded and glanced across at the stack of music books: violin, flute, piano ... and that was not forgetting the self-taught guitar and tin whistle.

And what about dancing? When can I dance?

The End

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