Working ... Sort Of

The reactions posted beneath the album made Spook grin from ear to ear as she and Del sat side-by-side on her unmade bed, giggling as they read through the comments.

Sharon: Oh my, you girls are having fun aren't you?

Alli: Hahahahaha, LOL good one guys!

And finally, the cherry on the cake:

Elo: ........ wow.

"I think we surprised her a bit." said Spook, grinning like a jackass.

Del raised an eyebrow, "A bit? Spook you really do know how to make understatements."

"Of course. But you must admit, it seems to have rather startled a few people that we're causing this much trouble together don't you think?"

"Oh yes."

Then, to Spook's irritation, the buzzer went off again. She groaned and turned to Del.

"Bad news. The dreaded Prep Time has arrived. You know what this means? I actually have to sit down and do some work." she said, solemn faced.

"Really?" Del looked surprised, this was the first time she'd ever seen Spook appear remotely serious about anything. Spook maintained her grave look for a few more seconds before breaking into a wide grin:

"Of course not! It means I sit down and do a bit of writing in my blasted novels! That and pretend to revise... I'll just sit here and look studious with the Physics notes on my lap and laptop in front of me, a Bitesize revision tab always open as a backup of course."

"Sneaky," said Del, grinning evilly.

"Ja girls, prep time now!" came Mrs Taylor's ever-cheerful voice from the end of the corridoor. "Time to do some work, ja, no more chat!"

"Of course Mrs Taylor." said Spook in her best I'm-Not-Plotting-Anything voice. As Del left the room, Spook gave her a surreptitious wink and mouthed "See you on the web!"

When Del had gone, Spook opened up a Word Document and flipped through the twenty nine pages of writing until she reached the point where she had left off.

"Right," she said, stretching her fingers. "Time to wreak some havoc."

The End

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