I'd Say...

"I dunno," said Del. "I'd have to say, well..." She paused and looked at the clock. "Did you tell Elo I was coming here?"

Spook scratched her head. "I don't think so, no. Why, did you?"

"No," admitted Del. You could almost see the cogs working in her head. "But that could make an awesome surprise for her. Photos anybody? Would brighten up our facebook if you could see the two of us together ... and give her a nice shock!"

"You're a genius," said Spook. "An absolute genius. Got a camera?"

"Yup," Del replied. "Now, any good locations? And how many other people shall we get in the photos." Then she remembered something. "Hang on, why don't we take them in uniform? That way she'll believe us more, or I could've just been a visitor."

"All righty!" said Spook, raising her voice so that their friends could hear. "Who's up for a bit of photography? We've a plan of action to put into place!"


Half an hour, two water bombs and thirty-five photos later, they were ready to go live. Delorfinde and Spook were heard to utter a small complaint that they hadn't yet managed to install a spy camera in Elorithryn's computer so that they could watch her expressions, but they were enjoying themselves nonetheless.

"Three, two, one," said Del, and pressed 'upload'. Tags were duly added and they sent a link to the album to all their Protagonize friends.

A little surprise for you.

The End

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