A Meeting with the Head

Unlike many of her companions, it didn't take Spook long to change. She merely discarded one set of slightly mangled jeans for another set of slightly mangled jeans - although these ones were a little more presentable. The rest of the outfit was accomplished by slinging on a favourite t-shirt before whizzing back down the corridoor, ninja-kicking the door open (she found it too tempting to resist doing so) and resuming the vigorous floor scrubbing. Pip, Katie and Sara were close behind her, but it took Claudia, Fleur and Mia a good deal longer to appear. Spook didn't bother asking what had taken them so long - she knew her friends' tastes in  clothing were in a league all of their own.

Finally, just as the last of the paper towels hit the bottom of the bin with a mournful "splat", Saloni re-appeared in the doorway:

"Head's here." she said. "She wants to see you and the new girl Spook."

Nodding thankfully to Saloni, Spook and Del wound their way down the stairs into the main room. Mrs Dwyer was already there, dressed in her usual tight tweed suit and pencil skirt. A pair of precariously high heels adorned her feet - another usual fixture, although it was beyond Spook how she managed to balance on them.

"Hello Mrs Dwyer!" said Spook cheerily, putting on her best smile and trying to wipe her damp hands surreptitiously on the back of her jeans.

Mrs Dwyer nodded to Spook, then turned her attention to Del:

"I just thought I'd drop by and see how you were getting on. Is everything alright so far, is your room okay and everything?"

Del nodded angelically, making Mrs Dwyer smile all the wider, "Excellent, glad to hear you're getting on well. We hope you will enjoy your time here and make the most of all the opportunities on offer. Remember, if you have any queries or problems, just ask a teacher or member of staff - that is, if Spook can't answer it for you."

"Thank you Mrs Dwyer." replied Del, still looking completely innocent.

Phew, thought Spook, watching the exchange and trying to keep up her poker face. That had been a close one. Then again, what would the headmistress make at the sight of the wet clothes hanging out of the second floor windows? Yes, she thought, that could be ... interesting.

The End

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