Taking Control

"Right," said Del firmly. "I've got a plan."

She briefly outlined the idea. "Get out of those clothes into some others. You've got spares, right? Good. Now, hang the others out of the window. Or do you have a laundry room? No, window's better." She was making it up as she went along and it was obvious, because her words were fast and muddled.

"She'll see, Del. Don't be ridiculous." The others scoffed at the suggestion. "What'll we tell her when she asks why our clothes are hanging out of the window?"

Spook was thinking too. "Just blame it on the Westies. Say they played a prank on us." Delorfinde nodded vigorously and went to her case, which was still full of clothes. She hadn't got as far as sorting them out yet.

"Quick! We have to hurry! Get changed and then get back to scrubbing!"

The End

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