Salvation Is At Hand!

Spook, Del and her friends were frantic as they snatched up the saturated balls of paper, flinging them frantically into the towel bin - which itself was already beginning to overflow.

"Perhaps this wasn't such a bright idea." said Pip, tossing a handful of paper towels over Claudia's head.

"Well, to be fair we didn't know the Head was coming... but yeah, I agree." added Katie, her backside just visible as she hunted behind the toilets.

Spook groaned and continued hoovering the paper balls into her arms. Being the initiator of the trouble, she did feel slightly guilty at having caused such a mess. But honestly, she asked herself, how did we manage to get it on the walls of all places? If she'd known they stuck to walls this well she'd have planned something else long ago...

A sudden wet splattering sound shook Spook out of her plotting. She looked up to find three of the Sixth Form peering into the bathroom, looking rather bemused.

"We wondered what all the racket was about." said Georgie, twiddling her hair and pursing her lips in confusion. Spook grinned:

"Sorry. My fault. Mostly."

Eliza, standing next to Georgie, rolled her eyes in a "who else" sort of gesture.

"Well, you'd best clean it up quick, the Head's coming this way." she looked around. "And you guys don't look in quite the fit state to meet her."

"We know. We're scuppered." said Sara, looking down at her dripping clothes. Georgie hissed something in Eliza's ear, then turned to Saloni behind them.

"We could play for time if you like." she suggested.

"PLEASE!" shrieked the Middle Fifth in unison. Saloni giggled:

"Alright. But we won't be able to distract her for long, so get a move on!"

With that they turned and disappeared back down the stairs. The Middle Fifth returned to their towel-grabbing with more gusto than ever.

Gods I love the Sixth Form, thought Spook, grabbing another load of towels out of a sink. This might just be the salvation we need...

"Uh oh." she said out loud. Del looked at her confused. Spook giggled nervously:

"We're all sopping wet! Never mind the bathroom, what's Mrs Dwyer going to think of us looking like this!"

Now we're really scuppered....

The End

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