2 Hours Later ....

Two hours later, Del was cowering in the back of her room, wrapped in a large fluffy towel and hiding from the other girls who were still -- somewhere -- throwing sodden paper towels around.

"Spook?" she called fearfully. "Is it safe to come out now?" Her clothes were dripping wet, although they'd been wetter earlier.

"I forgot about Del!" Spook could be heard to exclaim to Sara. "Yes, it's safe. Come on, everyone, we'd better clear up." Then she thought of something. "Oh, fudge, we're going to be in such trouble."

"Why?" Del emerged from her hiding place to ask the question on all of their lips. "Why are we in trouble?"

"The headmistress is coming over to check we're being nice to you and to see if you're settling in okay. She does it whenever someone new joins in one of the later years. Not for kids, obviously, they're not alone..."

Del and Spook looked around in synchronization. Soggy towels stuck to the walls; water soaked them all and they looked like drown rats, with their hair hanging down.

"We are in such trouble."

The End

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