Catastrophe Meets Creativity

Spook grinned and tapped her chin thoughtfully:

"Well, there's a couple of hours until dinner - we eat at 6:00pm every night unless there' something on - we have some time to cause mischief... there's lots we could do."

"Like what?" asked Del.

"Well... epic Doctor Who marathon, duvet wars, pillow fights, photography sessions, Harry Potter duels ... you name it, we've got it!"

Del's eyes widened, but just as she opened her mouth to ask Spook another question Sara came skidding into the room. Spook looked over at her, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"Netty's just flooded the bathroom." said Sara.

"Oops." said Spook. "Got towels?"

"Yep, but it's still a bit of a mess. We're gonna need some help."

"Okay. Come on Del," said Spook, trotting out of the room and following Sara into the bathroom.

True to what the other girl had said, it was sopping. Most of the others were scooting around the floor with their towels, trying to clean up the massive water puddles that had condensed on the floor. Spook grabbed a handful of the cheap paper towels from the dispenser and started scrubbing away:

"Sorry Del, not the best activity for the evening." she said. Then she paused, "Unless..."

With a yowling battle-cry, Spook picked up a handful of soaking wet paper towel and flung in across the room:


The End

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