Letters Home

Now alone -- and grateful for it, though Spook was good company and she missed her friendly chatter -- Delorfinde opened her booklet of writing paper. She would write her parents a letter. Emails were faster and cheaper, but Del was convinced she'd been born into the wrong century: she had a strange obsession with typewriters, quill pens were her chosen stationary and she wore buckled shoes. Admittedly, she was an Irish dancer, so had an excuse for the latter.

Dear Mum and Dad, she wrote, in her not-quite-neat, not-quite-messy, semi-joined-up handwriting. Hi. I know I saw you only this morning so obviously there's not much news, but I thought it would be nice for you to get a letter from me. You don't mind me using up one of the stamps you gave me on it, do you? If I run out I'm sure I can get some off one of the others here. After all, I daresay they've got plenty of cash.

Spook's been showing me around. It looks amazing, this site. No more rubbish facilities for me! And I heard one of the music groups practising already. Not our year group, one of the other years. They arrived a couple of days before us, you see. And they were amazing. You were right to think the musical side of things here was good.

I've finally seen all the pictures and stuff Spook told me about on Protagonize! I know, you were going on and on at me for ages when I talked about her before, but now I have an excuse to do that. Because now, of course, she's one of my real friends, rather than just an internet friend. And I expect you're glad really. After all, you wouldn't want me to be alone.

I'm sending this home and I hope you get it before you leave for Australia, else it'll be a very long time before you read my fond words! I have to catch the post and so I won't really say much else -- short letter perhaps, but never mind -- except to tell you that I love you, that I don't hate you for leaving me here, and I think I'm going to have a really good time. The housemistress is Dutch, too, so I can use the Dutch that Ben taught me to talk to her! I expect she would like that.

Lots of Love,


She sealed the letter and put it into an envelope, hurrying downstairs to ask Spook who was in charge of post. Then she settled down to enjoy herself.

"What are we doing now?" she asked.

The End

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