Proof of Identity

The look of incredulity on Del's face just about made Spook's day.

"You see?" she said. "THIS is the sort of insanity we get up to in here. Look, here's a few more..." she plunged back into the drawer, muttering Latin curses under her breath as she rummaged.

However, within about five minutes she had procured a stack of photographs. Del flicked through, grinning at the pictures. The "battle" scenes with plastic swords, Sara pretending to be glaring at Alice in her "ghost king" getup - no more than a bedsheet and a plastic crown - the look on Claudia's face as she did her best elf impersonation with a twig and a piece of string for a bow, Pip glowering in a dwarf-like manner - and Claudia's smug grin as she put her hand on top of her head. The best by far was probably the group shot at the end, with everyone gathered around wielding their "weapons" and Spook holding up the ring. The caption underneath read: "The Fellowship ... and Gollum too."

Next Spook dragged her battered old laptop over from a corner and opened up a folder School Insanity and More. Here she flipped through images of water fights, scary movies - most of which concerned the Sixth Form clinging to the smaller Middle Fifth in their laps with looks of utter terror, the Jaws remake with pretzels and a stuffed shark and many many more. Spook smiled and hugged Del's shoulders.

"Trust me, you're gonna fit in just fine."

The End

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