"It's very ... different," said Del at last, experiencing what was probably called a 'culture shock'. She was used to the two-roomed music department of her old school, with the doors that didn't close and the keyboards with keys missing. And she'd grown accustomed to science labs with blocked gas taps and there never being an ICT room free when a teacher wanted one.

But this -- this was something else entirely. She looked at the grounds. And I thought we had a big school field! Wooww...

"Are you all right?" said Spook, worried. "You don't look too good." Del was swaying on her feet. She just couldn't believe what she'd got herself into.

"All I can say is that the job my dad's got in Australia has got to be paying well for me to be able to come here." She looked around again. "I don't fit in at all, do I? Me with my common, South-East London accent." Del laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. "Can we go inside? This is giving me the shivers."

"Sure," said Spook. "Anyway, I need to show you something. You're going to love this." They returned to Dun Holme and went upstairs. Spook vanished inside a messy-looking bedroom: all that was visible was her bottom, waving in the air as she searched frantically in an overflowing drawer.

Then she found whatever it was she was looking for and ran over, holding out the large, A4 photograph proudly.

Del looked at it and burst out laughing. A rather unflattering photo of Spook with her teeth bared and a mood ring in her hands (captioned, "My Precioussss!") stared back at her.

The End

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