Spook was as exciteable as ever as she lead Del around the school. Outside of Dun Holme and stretching as far as the houses ran the enormous sports pitches - used for lacrosse in the winter and athletics, archery and all the other summer sports in the summer. Over a bridge to Dun Holme's right lay a bridge, and over that two of the other boarding houses, the "twinset" East and Kenelm. In the other direction, on Dun Holme's left was the science block:

"There's plans for a new one," said Spook. "But I doubt they'll get that started until long after we're off into the big wide world. Flipping expensive thing too."

On they went, past the science block to a smaller boarding house:

"This where the midgets live," said Spook tactfully, gesturing at the house. "Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth live in here, then move into the bigger houses when they go into Lower Fifth. I came here in Upper Fourth, so I was there for a year. Rather glad to get out of it too I must say."

Before Del could enquire, Spook towed her on. An enormous old stone building reared up above them, a huge clock tower in the centre and great windows running all along the front. Spook explained to a wide-eyed Del that this was the main school block where most of the lessons took place - it was layed out very orderly once you got used to it but could be a bit of a maze at times. Out the front of the main school were the grass tennis courts, and further to the left was the language block, where all the language classes took place.

"There's your usual French, German and Spanish, but we've also got Mandarin, Russian, Italian and a few others available in the Sixth Form." said Spook, before turning her attention to the final two boarding houses that completed the square-shape of the campus in front of the music block.

"Those are the biggest houses," said Spook. "Wingfield Digby and Reader Harris. In the middle there is Mulliner, that's where the Upper Sixth live, they get some space of their own so they can study for their exams better. Behind them in that grey building is Old Mulliner - before they built this one - and there's the nurse's office - we call it the San - a few spare music classrooms, language conversation lessons and the big Drama studio... I think that's it really. Hang on, I'll just show you the Sports Hall."

Back up to the front of the main school they went. Spook pointed out across the road that ran along the length of the school: "That building over there is the new Sports Centre. It's open to the public, but we use it for PE lessons and such. Behind it is the astroturf, we use that for hockey in the season and tennis in the summer."

She turned back to Del, who looked slightly overwhelmed by all this:

"So, what do you think?"

The End

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