Enlighten Us!

Spook looked at the strange squigglies on Del's computer screen, trying to think of some vaguely intelligent remark she could make on it. However, her sheer confusion defied this and she ended up with something along the lines of:


Del grinned, "I know. Weird isn't it?"

"Please explain?" said Kaite, leaning over Spook's shoulder and peering at the screen. The rest of the Dun Holme troop filed in behind her, all with similar looks of confusion fixed on their faces.

"I looks like those "webding" font thingies," said Sara, who herself was an avid fan of strange fonts - but she had never seen anything like this before.

"Interesting indeed... care to explain to us lesser mortals what you're up to?" asked Spook, grinning at Del. "Come on, enlighten us Oh Bizarre Symbol Reading One."

The End

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