Meet the Gang

The looks of shock on her friend's faces were almost enough to make Spook fall over laughing.

"Don't worry guys," she said. "She doesn't bite... much."

Del elbowed her ribs and Spook giggled.

"Alright," she said. "Allow me to introduce our fellow inmates. That's Pip, you already know, there's Sara," she pointed to a girl with short dark hair cut in a bob just below her ears,

"And Katie," - another girl stepped forward, brown-haired and with a set of purple braces on her teeth.

This introduction process went on until, at last, Spook had introduced all but one of her companions.

"Alice has decided to leave off coming back from Ireland it seems," she said, grimacing distastefully. "Not that that's a bad thing."

"Apparently dear Dickie-kins is sick." said Pip, feigning a look of horror.

The group cackled. Alice was known for her hypochondraic tendencies and this late return was nothing out of the ordinary. Spook turned back to Del:

"Come on," she said. "Let's head upstairs and get your stuff sorted out."

The End

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