Welcome to Dun Holme ... Otherwise Known as Crazytown

Spook was standing on the front porch outside her boarding house, practically bouncing on the spot with excitement. Behind her in the atruim area stood Pip, Katie, Sara and all the other denizens of Dun Holme:

"So, this new girl," said Sara, "where do you know her from?"

"Somewhere," said Spook vaguely, not really concentrating.

Her friends rolled their eyes and turned away, leaving Spook to watch the road for signs of a car. When one finally did roll into the driveway, she let out a squeak of excitement. The car parked just in front of Dun Holme and out scrambled a fairly small girl, dark haired and looking rather lost. Mrs Taylor soon came out to join them:

"Ja ja, you must be the new girl," she said - her Dutch accent all the more prominent in her excitement. "Welcome to Dun Holme ja, see here is Spook come to see you, she will look after you, make sure you are all okay ja?"

Spook waved frantically from the porch, grinning like a maniac. The others filed out behind her, looking intruiged at this new girl. They hadn't had a permenant student in months, the others had all been exchanges only staying for a term before returning to their own schools. They were glad to see a new face, one they could hopefully see more often than just for one term.

As Del approached the steps, looking somewhat unnerved by the large group assembled to meet her, Spook leapt off the step and bowed overexaggeratedly:

"Welcome to Dun Holme," she said in her best posh voice. "Otherwise known as Crazytown. I trust you will find it to your liking madame." Then, she leaned forward and hissed secretly: "Let the madness begin!"

The End

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