Plotting ... Sort Of

Grr, come on you silly story, co-operate for goodness sake!

Spook glared at her notepad, as if the sheer intensity of her glare would force her story into gear. It had been problematic from the start - her carefully laid out plot had gone out the window within the first three days and Spook's method of blundering onwards in the hope of maintaining a decent storyline was not proving very effective.

She leaned over and peered over Del's shoulder. Her friend was having a lot more success than Spook was, which only served to intensify the irritating figurative itch in Spook's fingers.

Come on, Spook willed her plot, work for me, please!

Spook almost imagined she could hear the plot saying "no!" in a high squeaky voice. She snarled and scribbled two more lines in her semi-illegible handwriting. Del looked up and made a face.

"Argueing with the plot again?"

"Oh yeah." said Spook darkly, chewing the end of her pencil vengefully. "I think they've all gone on strike in here. Not that I blame them."

Del rolled her eyes. "You loonie."

Spook grinned. "Why thank you."

The two went back to writing in silence for a few moments, the silence punctuated only by the scribblings of pen on paper and the occasional Latin curse from Spook. Finally, after several minutes, Spook snapped her notebook shut and said purposefully:

"Right, I am going to plug this into the laptop and update the word count. Hopefully this fills my wordcount for the day."

"What if it doesn't?" asked Del, not looking up from her notepad.

"Then..." the purpose drained out of Spook's voice and she sagged visibly. "Then I think I might just cry."

The End

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